Marcia Sachs

Marilyn Sallinger
Lynette Smith

Worley T. Smith, Jr.
Murray Lynn Sallinger
Amherst, VA

Nancy Kay Saunders
Frances Sawyer

Norman Theodore Schramm, Jr.
Roberta Lynne Stewart

Windol H. Stone
Bobby Severn

Naomi Katherine Sharp
James Herbert Sharrett

Vincent Shea
Barbara Leigh Snyder

Robert E. Stevens
Nancy Elaine Skundberg (McLeod)
Jacksonville, FL

Shirley Ann Slade
Barbara Ann Smith

Betty Jane Smith
Mary Lou Sweat

Virginia Swimme
Nancy Lee Thompson

Barbara Thorton
Nick Taraborrelli, Jr.

Anthony Joseph Taraborrelli
Suzanne S. Storey

David Stroupe
Leslie Galdwin Suggs

Harvey Lee Sutton
Lucille Vick

Miriam Lucille Vick
Norfolk, VA
Helen Warren

Tola Warren
Donald Wainwright

Diana Kipp Waldron
Frederick Jordan Turner

Dora Norma Tyson
Charles Ullum

Lu Faye Vaughan
Eugene White

Chrystal Wilkins
Joe Williams

Pauline Marie Wood
Virginia Imogene Wilkins

Libby Willett
George Edward Watkins

Loretta Louise Watson
Richard Weinstein

Joann Wellons
Ray Wyatt

Constance L. Wynn
Edward Hilary Yeatts

Emma Maxine Zickafoose
June Alberta Woodyard

Michael Allan Wright
New York, NY
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Annette Fields (Parsons)     
Robert Standley Addy
Paris TX  

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