President - Joseph Elton White, Jr.
Vice-President - Frank Clinton Wickers
Girls' Treasurer -  Kathryn Faye Knight
Boys' Treasurer - Eric Carlton Smith
Secretary - Mary Lee Hattaway
George Ralph Antonucci

Norma Jean Bailey
Edward Jay Goodman

Robert Clifford Harmison
Thomas Mort Bailey
Charles Alfred Baines, Jr.

Paul Irving Baines
Thomas Oliver Bowers, Jr.

Durwood Paul Britton
Ann Albin Davis

William  Vincent Denmark
Gloria Hope Brown

William Truston Bunting
Lyman Willaim Futrell, Jr.

James Morris Gardner
Portsmouth, VA
Roger Eugene Capps

Peggy Lou Carson
Lewis Talmadge Fly

Eva Jean Friedman
Shirley Anne Harris

Mary Lee Hattaway
Franis Brady Hayslett

James Leigh Howard
Nancy Margaret Mers 
Portsmouth, VA

Martin Leavitt Morgan
Victor Herbrt Lawson, Jr.

Jack Garrison Male
Kathryn Faye Knight

John Byron Kilpatrick
Sarah Thomas Murdaugh

Kathryn Newton
Charles Ray Paine

Nancy Lee Payne 
Chesapeake, VA
Harvey Lutrell Sawyer

Thora Erlene Sawyer
Alvin Morris Powell

Harold Abbitt Prince
Peggy Ann Pearce

William Verno Piland, Jr.
Evelyn Rose Seebo

Anna Theresa Silva
Eric Carlton Smith

Peggy Ann Smith
Joseph Elton White, Jr.

William Lloyd Whitehead
Earl Arthur Thorton

Phillip Johnson Wells
Lorrine Virginia Spindler

Ernest Clifton Staples
Frank Clinton Wickers

Joanne Bright Wilkinson
Sandra Fay Wilkinson

Dorothy Ann Willis
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