President - Charles Sears
Vice-President - Carroll Creecy
Girls' Treasurer -  Anne Kenney
Boys' Treasurer - Collins Faison
Secretary - Barbara Bunn
Advisor - Miss Bettie Chapman
Robert George Ainsworth

John Quincy Adams
Barbara Gail Bunn

William Carroll Creecy
Richie Donald Baines

Joyce Hope Alphin
Jo Ann Balaton

Rhonda Ann Barnes
Murray Dinzes

Willie Carter Duke
Sandra Love Bell

Jerry Revere Beale
Mary Elizabeth Benton

Edward Wayne Chapion
Jackie Oden Bunting

Len Randolph Dickerson
William David Bond

Frances Irene Clarke
Anne Brown Kenney

Elizabeth Jane Cotte
Joseph Collins Faison
Dayton, OH

Charoltte Anne Freeman
Joy Arline Goodroe

Claudette Jean Gurganus
Beverly Anne Garner

Danny Ray "Tucky" Golden
 Portsmouth, VA
Gerald Lee Early

John Peters
Dorothy Mae Harrell

Robert Coble Hervey
David Lee Hoover

Henry Stuart Jacobs
William Jerry Lilley

Doris Louise Luke
Hubert C. Jones, Jr.

Julius Anderton Jordan
Norris Darlene Hill

Betty Ann Hoffler
Marvin Ray McDowell

Barbara Ann Ritter
Sally Jo Pearce

Mary Teddie Sheffield
James L. Rigsby
Labelle, FL

Samuel Austin Smith, Jr.
Patsy Ann Perkins

Patricia Lida Silva
Mary Rachel McLane

Charles Haywood Sears, Jr.
Charles EugeneStaples

Beverly June Wilkins
Frances Marie Ventura

Katherine Faye Williams
Majilla Louise West

Shirley Alfreda Wright
Maywood Anthony Walsh, Jr.

Carl Thomas Winbrough
Roberta Lynne Stewart

Ethel Louise Williams
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