President -  Richard Weinstein
Vice-President - David Richards
Girls' Treasurer -  Martha King
Boys' Treasurer - Lynn Hopewell
Secretary - Crystal Wilkins
Advisor - Miss Doris Ross
Betty Jean Abernathy

Gail Patricia Allen
Patricia Anne Blackwell

David Bloom
Kathryn Lou Ambrosino

David Randolph Ames
Shirley Arnette

Shirley Ann Ashcroft
Roberta Jean Bowden

Jean Boyles
Camilla Askew

Millie Aspray
Carol Anne Atkins 
Peoria, AZ

Allen Bailey
Jacquelyn Ann Bonney

Verna Rae Boush 
Big Bear City, CA
Edith Ann Baines

Joseph R. Butchelor, Jr.
Irene Rose Becker

Ronald Paul Bence
Benjamin Franklin Bullock

Sonny Carter
Bettye Jo Caples

Mary Carolyn Carmichael
Patricia Calderazzi

Helen Ruth Campbell
Charles Lee Bridges

Louise Marshall Bridgers
Freddie Leon Brinkley
Palm Bay, FL

Boleyn Brownlee
Barbara Anne Cobb

Gail Kathleen Cole
John Hardy Collier

Bonnie Gail Coleman
George Halsey "Butch" Cook
Midlotian, VA

Marjorie Alma Crews
Joyce Mildred Catto

Silene Marie Caskey
Dale Charneco

Mendel Lee Chovitz
Franklin Ralph Drake

John B. Edmondson
Rex Lanier Edwards

Mary Spotswood Eggleston
Barbara Edwards

George Lee Edwards
Allene Cross

Ada Aliene Culpepper
Phyllis Davis

Robert Lee Deal
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