1955 Class  History
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   D0 you remember February 1.1951? That was one of the biggest events in most of our lives. It was the first day we spent as "rats," or in other words, Eighth Graders. We all gathered in the auditorium to be greeted by our true and faithful friend, Mr. Robert L. Sweeney, principal. and Mr. Robert W. AlIen, assistant principal.
   Do you remember how we sighed when we found our nearest friends being placed in different registrations?
   We were all horrified by the thought of having to take our first exam, but we pulled through with flying colors.
   George Burns, president of the student body, led us through our first year at Wilson.
   Our freshman year was a busy one, with mixed classes and the privilege given us of belonging to different clubs. For the boys this meant they could try out for the different sports at Wilson. Boy, we were really big shots.
   At the height of our Sophomore year most of us were getting ready for the big Student Council election. Joe Helms was elected president.
I'm sure we won't forget George Gould who was president of the student body in our Junior year.
   When our Junior year was upon us, it brought with it Junior class meetings and election of officers. We elected to serve as president, Richard Weinstein: vice-president. Frank Wickers: Boys' treasurer, Renny Underwood: Girls' treasurer, Bonnie Coleman: secretary. Sandra Wilkinson. We asked the very likeable and capable Miss Doris Ross to serve as our adviser.
   Remember the nights we couldn't afford to go out after paying our junior class dues so we could attend the talked about Junior and Senior Prom?       I'm sure we all remember those nights we spent cutting blue and silver crepe paper. Finally, came the big night when we received our long-awaited class rings, and the thrill of being in the ring dance. I know none of us will ever forget
that "Evening in Paris."
    When we were high and mighty seniors and supposedly sophisticated, it was hard to realize that we had reached the height of our high school career.    It was again time to elect our class officers. They were President, Richard Weinstein: vice-president, David Richards: Boys' treasurer, Lynn Hopewell:Girls' treasurer, Martha Janet King; secretary. Crystal Wilkins. Again we asked for' the leadership of Miss Ross.
    Kit Morse, a member of our senior class, was president of the student body.
    Many of our classmates helped make up the State Championship Team. The crown was placed on our heads in Roanoke on Novemher 20, 1954.          This helped carry out our theme, "Victory Year."
We were all broke once again after paying our class dues, ordering our annuals, visiting Mr. Hugh Tribble for our class pictures, and ordering our calling cards and announcements.
    Then came the time when we relieved our childhood days on Baby Day. Such big babies-carrying our rattles and water guns. Could you ever forget?
   Do you rememher everyone running around with play books in his hands? Our class play try-outs were approaching.
   Our last Junior and Senior Prom was a memorable occasion. All the girls were dressed in their fluffy white gowns, and the boys, looking very neat, in their white dinner jackets. The grand march, led hy Richard Weinstein, was the stand­out of the evening.
How about that Senior Class Banquet, we really lived that nightl
   June 12 was drawing nearer. That was when we would walk down the aisle for that cherished piece of paper tied with orange and blue ribbons.
   Finally. the time came.
   After singing our class song and our Alma Mater, we marched from the auditorium to be remembered as the June Graduates of Woodrow Wilson High School, Class of 1955!
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Class Song
Tune: Unchained Melody
Words by:Pat Lippard, Barbara Edwards, Joan Rae Garthright 
"Wilson High, we're leaving
But we will never forget the years 
    In the past.
Time went by so swiftly, and
Now the time has come to say, Farewell.
We're leaving you, but we shall keep
Our high school memories near.

Tho we have to leave you, Wilson High,
   Wilson High,
All our friends and loved ones so dear.
We shall always keep, in our hearts,
   in our hearts,
Happiness thropughtout the year.

Time may pass so slowly,
And time willmean so much to those in the class,
We hate to go, we love you so,
Farewell Wilson High."
1955 Class History


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