Philip L. Einhorn

Reba Janice Ellen
Emitt Cecil Fuller

Helen Marie Gaffon
Joyce Loretta Ellis

Leon Elson Elasarelli
Barbra E. Engram

Barbara Lee Epstein
Joan Rae Garthright 
Portsmouth, VA

Don Courtney Gilpin
Williamsburg, VA
Margaret Ann Fairhurst

Nancy Lee Farleigh
Charles W. Farmer

Betty Lou Faulkner
Beverly Anne Garner

Iverson R. Garrisson, Jr.
Nancy Felton

Harvey Thomas Grennell, Jr.
Frances Fink

Myra Jean Fridman
Patty Jean Hall

Beverly Dee Hardison
Barbara Merle Harvell

William Delano Harey
Diane Hartman

George B. Hartsell, Jr.
Chesapeake, VA
Dorothy Gizara

Roslyn Gladstone
Eleanor Ann Gurganus 
Palm Bay, FL

Hugh Merle Hagood
Earl Holberg

Barbara Ann Holland
Philip Howell

James Hurst
Sue Holland

Lynn Hopewell
Warrenton, VA
Anntionette Virginia Heafner

Betty Carolyn Hedgepeth 
Portsmouth, VA
Darlene Hill

Ruby Hobbs
Larry J. Jacobson

Rodney Jefferies
Buck Jordan

Marilyn Kahan
Bettie Sue Jones

John Paul Jones
Jmes Dwight Hussey

Carolyn Fay Hutcheson
Robert Hyde

Arthur Jackson, Jr.

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1955 Class History

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