Anne Trant

Kathy  Tripp
Robert Tucker

Bobby Turner

Bonnie Twiford
Joseph Underwood

Jeff Upton

Nita Vann
Steve Vass

Carl Vaughan

Jacqueline Vaughan
Mary Von Pieler

Debbie Vredenburg

Sharon Wagner 
Franktown, VA
Jeanne Wainwright

Terry Walker

Rob  Ward
Roger Ward

Barbara Watson

Wayne Weatherly
Novella West

Jerry Weston

Glenda White
Kathy White

Lewis White

Barbara Whitehead
Pam Whitehorne

Rosiland Whitehead
Brenda Whitson
Donnie Wilhoite
Pam Wilkins

Emily Wilkinson
Christiansburg, VA
 Angela Williams

Susan Williams
Paula Williams

Ike Wilson
Edith Williams

Pat Williford
Raymond Williams

Joan Wilson
Robert Wright

Sharon Wright
Joanne Writesel

Ginger Wyant

Eric Yarbrough
Debbie Yost
Virginia Beach, VA

Bruce Zirkle

Susan  Jennings
Debbie Simmons
Emily Corrine Alford
Portsmouth, VA

Larry S. Brinkley
Portsmouth, VA

Deborah Diggs 
Charlotte, NC

Monty Gilbert
Portsmouth, VA
Mike Newton

Lynda Grace Oglesby 
Portsmouth, VA

William Allen Shaffer

Thomas Gerald Sitzler
Portsmouth, VA

Ann Lawrene Smith

Terry Brent Todd
Colerain, NC
Shirlene Wiggins
Dianne Wilder
In memoriam
Robert Preston Munday
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July 8, 2009

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Dawn Elizabeth Gooch 
Portsmouth, VA

Cabot Wilson

Carlene Goode 

Arthur William Gould

Barbara Jean Hale 
Cocoa, FL
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