Linda Duffee

Nancie Duke
Bobby Dunn  
Suffolk, VA

Joan Eason

Janet Edwards
Mike Edwards

Ronald William Edwards

Stephen Bradey Edwards
Sharon Elliott

Sandy Ellis

Robert Emmons

David Phillip Ennis

John Epperson
Portsmouth, VA

Susan Etheridge
Best Personality
Howard Schocklin and Sherry Johnson
Terry Frahm

Mike Gardner
Chesapeake, VA
Millie Gillard

Susan Gillikin

Danny Goldblatt
Virginia Beach, VA
Teresa Gough

Lawrence Gray
Bernie Gray 

Charles Gregg 

Eddie Grace

Mary Greene
Dawn Gray

Mike Griffin
Nancy Grimes

Harvey Dean Groome
Lynchburg, VA
Ronnie Gup

Donna Hairfield

Ann Hall
Kenny Haller

Carter Hamlet

Brenda Hand
Larry Hand

Gary Harden
Chapel Hill, NC

Ronald Hardy
Vanessa Harmon (Gillenwater)

David Harper

Gwendolyn Harrell
Terry Eure 
Zuni, VA

Stephanie Facenda

Angela Farless 
Durham, NC

Kimberley  Farley

David Ferguson

Alyse Fields
Edna Ruth Fink

Ronnie Fink

Belinda Fish 
Epherata, PA
Jonathan A. Folkes

Debbie Forrester (Balch)
Portsmouth, VA

Steve Foster
Eartha Garrett           Susan Gatling
Virginia Beach, VA
David George 
Franklin, VA
Ronnie Lewis and Kathy Mason
Eddie Lilley and Becky Sandie
Best Looking
Timmy Pague and Stephanie Facenda

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