Deborah Harris

Juanita Harris
Melvin Harris

Mike Haywood

Jacquelin Hedgepeth
Peggy Heely

Barbara Herring

Casmer Hesiak
Ellis Hilton 

Cindy Hines

Donna Hishok

Nancy Hoggard (Laslo)
Portsmouth, VA

Barry Holderfield

Rhonda Holland
Warren Holland 

Deborah Hopkins

Pete Houpos
Tommy Huett 

Donna Frances Hughes
Bristol, WI

Robert Hughes
James  Humphery

Marie Insley

Ralph James
Susan Jeffers

Christy Jenkins

Therese Jester
Lewis Johnson

Marsha Johnson 
Randolph Johnson

Sherry Johnson

Anthony Jones
Stanley Jones

Woody Jones

Howard Joyner
Kathie Keast

Howard Kirshon

Bruce Lalonde
Portsmouth, VA
Best Dressed
Bonnie Twiford  and Alan Bartlett
Carole Land

Sharon LeDoyen

Andrea Lee
Karen Lemar

Dwight Leonard
Mechanicsville, VA
Cindy Lewis                 Ronnie Lewis
(Smith)                             Cedar Rapids, IA
Dottie Light
Eddie Lilly

Reggie Lilly

Pam Little
Bernie Long  

Donna Manning
Diane Loomis    

Phyllis Marshall
Gay Mabe   

Dee Martin
Hudson, NC
Bridget Mackillop   
Germantown, MD

Kathy Mason
Chesapeake,  VA
Vickie Mason 
Suffolk, VA

Wade Mathias
Sharon Matthews  

Ricky Mattox

Peter Maxwell
John Maye 

Jean McDonald

Cathy McGlothian
Libby McKinley 
Winston, NC

Jackie McKissick
Suitland, MD

Kathy McKeely
Portsmouth, VA
David Melton 

Chuck Miller

Johnny Miller

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