President - Sharon Wright
Vice-President - Peggy Heely
Secretary - Emily Wilkinson
Girls Treasurer - Gay Mabe
Boys Treasurer - Howard Schocklin
S.C.A. Representative - Kathie Keast
S.C.A. Representative - Anne Trant
Court of Honor Representative - Dee Martin
Advisor - Mrs. Jones
Advisor - Mrs. Morrison
Advisor - Mrs. Williams
David Winton Black

Stephen Bradshaw
Portsmouth, VA
Barbara Bonniville

Debbie Braman
Julia Bolar 

William Bradshaw
Geraldine Boughton

Joanne Braman
Sandy Brandon

Susan  Branon

Linda Bremer
 BACK TO 1970
Deborah  Ashberry
Stafford Armstrong
Pat Ambrose
David  Applewhite
Pam Alexander 
(De Perro)
St. Clair Shores, MI
Debbie Ames
Susan Ashley
Toni Antonucci
David  Askew

Melonie  Askew

Vicki Askew
Marvin  Bacote

Louis Bagley 

Keith Bailey
Vivian Baines

Charlene Baird

Bonnie Baker
JoAnne Bangle

Debbie Barnes

Sharon Barnett
Wanda Bartley

Alan Bartlett
Most Original:
        Bill Bradshaw
        Cindy Lewis
Kathy Bennett

Cheryl Berry

Wanda Berry 
Portsmouth, VA

Claudette Burch
Steven Benton
Janet Benton
Sharon Wagner and Jake Kirshon
Deborah Brazie (Suter)

Jean  Brazie
Most Popular:
           David Stallings
            Gay Mabe
Carolyn Brinkley

Ray Broda

Bill Brooks
Richmond, VA
Jay Brooks

Lucy Brooks

Gary Brower
Kill Devil Hills, NC
Karen Brown

Kay Brown

Nick Brown

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