Mary Speight

Jo Ann Stanley

Ernest Stokes
Christine Spruill

Curtis Stith

Susan Sumner 
Portsmouth, VA

Steve J. Cannard
Hampton, VA

Deborah Taylor
Betty Sykes

Isaac Tazwell

Brian Taylor

Veronica Thomas
Thomas Sutton
Woodbridge, VA

Irvin Tazwell
Theodosia Sykes

Marcelene Theus

Stanley Thornton, Jr.
 Portsmouth, VA

Walter Watson

Janet Ward (Wilson)
Lola Watson
Pamela Toppins

Angela Watts
Barbara Weal

Mary Susan Wilkinson (Humphrey) 
Gary Whitt

David Williams
Mary West

Madonna Wilkins
Robert Whitehurst

Darlene Williams

Kathy Wilder

Karl Williams
Marlearn Williams

Terry Williams

Carlyle Wright

Cathy Yerabek
Rita Williams

Richard Willis

Sharon Wright

Josephine Young
Sharon Williams

Gary Witherow

Divinia Yancey

Michael Zedd
Bobby Perkins

Pointer Renae Pointer 

Lopez Michael Scott
Portsmouth, VA

Angelo A. Scott
Virginia Beach, VA

Holly Sue Stitt 
Chesapeake, VA

Eula Mae Trusty
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Friendlist: Irvin Tazewell and Gina Hardy..
Gibna works hard on poetry for forensics.
YES, even a black cat is a friend.
Senior cheerleaders welcomes returning friends.
Velma Valentine
President Nixon calls out the National Guard
Homeroom 137
Michael R. Boone
Portsmouth, VA

Kathryn Lynn Burress (Tice)

Roberto Cabugoy 
 Long Beach, CA

Stephen Floyd DuPreey

Gary D. Herring
Snow Hill, NC
Patrica Faye Jacobs (Johnson)

Deborah A. Medows

Linsay Gillis (Wilson)
Portsmouth, VA

Edward Allen Morely

Pearl Joann Nicholson (Briggs)

deLisa Shermana Roberts
Norfolk, VA

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