Ray Harris

Ridder Heart

Sandra Hecker

Teresa Henderson

Teri Holland 
Virginia Beach, VA

Linda Hopkins

Johnny Howard

Ruby Hubbard
Donnie Hudgins
Charles Hurst
Cindy Hyde

Franklin "Jeff" James
 Chesapeake, VA

Connie Jackson

Joyce Jean
Deborah James

Kiera Lynne Jenkins 
Suffolk, VA

Katherine Jolliff

Tonia Jones

Brenda Joyner

Joyce Joyner
Steve Kaufman

Kimberli Kee

Denise Keene
Margaret Louise Klein 
 Raleigh, NC

Richard Lacy

Eltonette Landy
Price Leach

Gillis M. Lindsey (Wilson)
 Portsmouth, VA
Cynthia Lewis

Michael Lipford
John Lillard
Edenton, NC  

Joyce Mackey
Bonita Manley

Victoria Manning
Thersa K. "Kim" Marshall (Leyba)
Port Haywood, VA

Lloyd H. Martin
Chesapeake, VA
Belinda Martz

Diane Lynn Mason

Michael Mezzone

Myrina Melton
Most Original:  James Everette and Endia Brown.
Shortest: Ernest Burden and Cheryl Col- 
Tallest: Holly Stitt and Richard Rodgers
Most Likely to Succeed:  Lou Ann Boyd  and Mike Zedd
Regina King

Mark Kozak

Thomas Lambert
Most Popular: Mary Sue Wilkinson and Mike Lipford
Wilhemina Lee

Polly Little
Theresa Lewis

Marion Lucas
Best All Round: Frank Coble and Louise Caravas.

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