Patricia Milligan

Linda Mills
Linda Mizell

Aurelia Moore
Benjamin Moore

LaVern Moore
Roxie Moore

Edward Allen Morely
Karl S. Morrisette

Carolyn Nance

Russell Owen

Gloria Myrick

Rickie O'Neal

Collins Owens
John Moss

Valeska Nolan

Gary Owens

Carrie Padden

Janice Pierce

Julia Pointer

Marion Verna Porter
Lavern Parker                  Lee Parker
Terri Lynn Patterson       Thomas Pennell

David Powell

Reyell Shedrick
Michael Proffitt

Erdie Roberts
Vernon Randall

Richard Rodgers
William Radford

Debbie Robinson
Decatur, GA
Alderwyn Reid
Warwick, RI

Denise Rollins
Patricia Rowe

Keith D. Salley
Ralph W. Rowley
 Springfield, VA

Michael Savage
Barbara Sawyer
Sharon L. Scott
Beth Silberstein 
Atlanta, GA
Kenneth Smith
Cutest: Angelo Scott and Peggy Astead
Best Personality: Wayne Griffin and Cindy Beacham
Most School Spirited:  Sharon Wright and John Moss.
Wittest: Kathy Wilder and Selwyn Brown
Best Looking: Kathy Jolliff and Collis Owens
Cynthia Schmidtke
The Bubble-blowing Chapion of WWHS
Bonnie Smith
Deborah Smith
Pamela Smith

Thomas Smith

Lenora Southall

David Speight
Severna Park, MD

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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA

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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA

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