President - Faye Rooks
Vice-President - Sharell Clifton
Girls' Treasurer -  Vivian Howard
Boys' Treasurer - Alf Mapp
Secretary - Robin Faulk
Helen Adams

Cheryl D. Artis

Lynn Bell
Carter Blackwell
Joyce Lydia Bolling (Jones)
Suffolk, VA
Beverly Benson
Denise Bishop
Junior Arnold

Bernard Barmer

William Bell
Laverne Arrington

Jackie Barnes

Debra Bennett
Eunice I. Booker (Jubray)
Portsmouth, VA
William "Bill" Bowen
Goose Creek, SC
Calvin Brown
Charles Boomer
Doreen Bunch

Deborah Bynum

Deborah Clanton
Jerone Burgess

Marian Caine

Latiya Clark
Julianne Bulter 
Portsmouth, VA

Francis Cherry

Steve Cohn
Althea Burton

Terry Cherry 

Sharell Clifton
GO TO 1974
Russell Borjes breaks in a new student.
Alan Betrand
Connie Blevins
Diane Blow
Connie Price
Debbie Drummond daydreams 'till graduation
Charlie Boone
Regina Freeman finds a good place for her books.
Cathy Duke and Linda Lipford take a break and relax on the "Chu a bug"
Nathaniel Boomer
Christy Boothe
Carrlette Denise 
Bowe (Parker)
Portsmouth, VA
James Bright
Norfolk, VA
Cary Brown

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32nd Reunion Pics
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