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Memories!  Memories!
   Remember our first year at Portsmouth's fore­most school, Woodrow Wilson?  Upon entering the strange building, we were invaded by Student Council members who were more than glad to point the way to the Auditorium with an attitude of complete authority.     We were the lowest form of human ex­istence.  Yes, you guessed it-8th graders.
That was the year when the horrid third lunch half came into effect, and we ended up eating so early that it was like having a second breakfast.
   Do you recall our first exams which left us completely brainwashed and exhausted!
   After we were completely initiated into high school life as 8th graders, we really got up in the world by becoming Freshmen.  To the majority of boys it meant trying out for sports and at least mak­ing the team, even if it was just sitting on the bench; and to the girls it meant having their first crush on a mighty senior. Think of those four year schedules that we made out; some of us felt as if we were signing our lives away due to the new and strange subjects.
   At last we were invited to join various clubs. Then we really felt as if we were a part of Wilson.
   That first football game was something that none of us will ever forget.  Remember sitting in the stands in 30 degree weather and yelling so long and hard that we couldn't speak on Saturday morning?
   In our Sophomore year, due to the fact that our studies were getting harder, we had to put our noses to the grindstone and re4ly buckle down and study more than ever.  That was the year the girls had the opportunity to try out for the J. V. Cheerleading Squad. But alas! Only ten lucky girls made
it.  Also, the new report cards came out carrying the ever important exam grades.
   What a thrill and honor it was being able to run for student council.  How hard we worked, and how proud we were when Dennis McMurran was elected Vice-President. -
   Goodness, only one year to go at the old Wilson High.  That year was really V-I-C-T-O-R-Y year.  We had the State Champion football team, Eastern District basketball winner, State Champion public speaker and an award winning annual.
   The Junior Class officers were really select: Bob White, president; Gloria Mercer, secretary; Buck Dodson, vice-president; Barbara Turner, girls' treas­urer; Sonny Mathias, boys' treasurer; and Joan Turner, representative.
   Remember how we all worked like mad putting together our Junior Class Minstrel? As the deadline drew near, the jangled nerves could be heard through-
out the halls.  Confusion prevailed as each in turn bravely smeared grease-paint far and wide.
   As the curtain went up and a hush fell upon the audience, the "Show" was finally on its way. With its successful climax, the Junior Class abundantly filled its coffers, but promptly and happily paid it all out on our elaborate and unique Jr.-Sr. Can we ever forget the long hours of hard work that were necessary to make such a dance possible?
   Finally, the most exciting and important part of our high school career was upon us. We were the elite; grand and glorious Seniors, or so we thought. To a stranger watching from the sidelines no difference could be distinguished between ourselves and Freshmen as we all tried desperately to read those crazy maps.
We were all overcome by the vast spaciousness of the new building, and one would often wish for roller skates as he hurried to a distant class. Yet we were proud to be pioneers in our new school, and the first class to graduate.
    At the start of the year there was the annual mad rush to the faithful Tribbie Studio to have Senior class pictures made. Then there was the ordering of calling cards, additional announcements to be made, and the inevitable 5:30 A.M. Senior class meetings.
   As our project to insure a pleasant graduation, we again undertook the task of putting on a show, our Christmas Fantasy. Under overwhelming handicaps due to the new auditorium, we produced what we thought was a clever and professional musicale.
   Baby Day was ushered in accompanied by the childish shouts of glee as we romped about the halls of school.
   Then came the time when all the would be dramatic stars had their final chance to succeed on the high school stage. As the senior play drew near, the feverish preparations and anxiety which prevailed could easily be seen as the talented walked about the halls in a daze, trying to memorize their lines.
    The senior class banquet was the next step to­wards the completion of the school year, and the en­tire class enjoyed it immensely.
Next came the junior senior prom, and this time we were on the receiving end of the festivities; the juniors, as expected, made very gracious hosts.
   At last, the long awaited moment was here- graduation! Solemnly we walked across the immense stage to receive our diplomas bound in blue and orange ribbon.
   We remain forever the Senior class of June '56.

Joyce Blanchard
Shelby Davis
Barbara Jones
Sarah Hudgins
It's a time for joy
A time for tears
Atime we'll treasure through the years
We'll rememberalways graduation day
A Senior Prom and Baby Day
And all things that make us say
We'll remember always Dear Ole Wilson High.
Though we leave in sorrow, all the joys we've known
We can reap a harvest from the seeds that we have sown.
When the school walls are far behind
No matter where our paths may wind
We'll remember always graduation day.

Now we say good-bye
to all our friends
And take our lives in our own hands
But we'll remember always graduation day.
In English class and history too
We always wished we were through
But now we hate to leave you, Dear ole Wilson High.
Though we'll live with memories, all our days ahead
We can face tomorrow, knowing that someone else cared
When the school walls are far behind
No matter where our paths may wind
We'll remember always graduation day.

                                     Words by Connie Carr
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