Ronnie Snowden

Charles Raymond Staples

Thomas Sweeney

Betty Lou Sykes

Shirley Ann Steen

Bobby Stephenson
Duane Trowbridge

Charlotte Turner
Barbara Gail Taylor

Margaret Lucille Taylor
Barbara Geraldine Teague

James Cecil Terry
Mary Jane Turner

Beverly Vance
Joan Thackston

Lois Tharrington
Ruth Merlin Thomas

Robert Tonkin
Barbara Van Noy

Sylvia Waldron
Wayne White

Jacquelyn Williams
Frances Louise Williams

Luisa Williams
Sylvia Williams

Raymond Hayes
Everette Wilson

Joy Wilson
Shirley Winn

Mary Ella Wood
Louis Edwards

Dennis Gay
Wayne Byers

Dorothy Willis
Eugene Burroughs
Richmond, VA

William Michael Gaidos
Richmond, VA
Francis M. Laton
Amelia Island, FL

George Robert "Bob" Walker, Jr.
Richmond, VA
Jerry Anderson Allen "left in '53"
Irvine, CA
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Cathedral City, CA
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