Frances L. Smith
Warner T.  Smith
Adolph Solmon
Hannah R. Solmon
Helen Stanley
Leila M. Staples
Arthur W. Stephenson
Atwood Brooks
Doris Marie Buchannan
Earl R. Stublen, Jr.
Maywood  Talmage
Edna M. Taylor
Vernon M. Taylor, Jr.
Margaret O. Tegerson
Arthur  Tribble
Margaret L. Stewart
Mary A.  Sykes
Jack  Thompson
Clelia E.  Thompson
Melisia M.  Toler
Martha J. Tynes
Eure L.  Umphlett
Frank H. Van Dyck, Jr.
John Mervin Van Dyck
S. Ethel Wills
Linda  Underwood
Arnold Vance
Foster  Venturini, Jr.

Raymond W. Vick
Jannie M.  Walker
Evelyn L.  Whitley
Ruby B. Weiss
Jennie Margaret Walker
Albert H. Williford
Montgorney C. Williams, Jr.
Mildred L.  Williams
Anna E. Winters
Robert T. Trafton
Violet Turner
Virginia Walters
Virginia Williams
Blanche E. Walters
Warren Wood
Agnes L. Woodard
Josephine Woodard
Annie G. Woodhouse
Harry L. Yerby
Mildred V. Womack
Bottom Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
Marian J. Wright
Claiborne Wilson
Bottom Row
Willoughby Howard
Alvin Craun
Rebecca Frieman
Milton L. Green
Stanley Joseph Kline
Edna V. King
Second Row
Nettie Lewis
John Powell Leigh, Jr.
George Robert Lufsey
James Newton Maxey, Jr.
Robert F. Myers
Mary Pope Ritter
Sophia Rogers
Third Row
Edna Taylor
Jack Thompson
William J. Wakefield
Mary Hathaway Walton
Not Pictured
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1932 Class History
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