Thomas E. Hoffler
Norah C. Hogan
Bessie H. Hollomon
Reginald Holtzscheiter
Edith R. Horrocks
Mildred M. Hughes
Luther C. Hunley
Reba Holmes
Harry W. Howard
William Jennings
Mabel V. Hunt
Margaret Humphlett
Thomas E. Hurst
Florence M. Hyselop
Richard Ivina
Rosebud H. Ivy
Catherine M. Jackson
Martha E. Jackson
Phyllis Jackson
Rebecca C. Jackson
Bernice L. Jacobson
Henry H. Johnson
Leonard Johnson
Thelma Johnson
Annie R. Jones
Marian L. Jones
Elizabeth V. Journee
William D. Joyner
Catherine Kaufman
Isie Kaplan
Louis Katz
Joseph H. Keller
William J. Kay, Jr.
Evelyn E. King
Vivian M. King
Morris Kopelove
Sidney E. Kreger
Belle H. Krieger
Walter C. Lakin

Sol Laderberg
Margaret J. Lassiter
Fred T. Laughon, Jr.
Virginia D. Lewis
Annie E. Leafe
Miriam l. Lawrence
Dorothy F. Lipscomb
Claudia M. Major
Rosa Markman
lsadore Markman
Victoria MacGaillard
John F. Martin
Evelyn Mathews
Grace C. Mayo
Mae B. Millikin
Margaret S. Miller
N. Gayle Mayo
Charlotte L. Matteson
Spencer R. Mathews
Ethel M. Montague
Robert O. Pearson
Ethel  Perkins
Gardner A.  Perry
Samuel J. Pope, Jr.
Weller C. Moore, Jr.
Grover E. Myers Jr.
Virginia T.  Pate
Beverley W.  Mountcastle
H. Clifford Mitchell
Virginia L. Miller
Edythe P.  Quillin
Ruth B.  Robinson
Randolph  Salomon
Joseph N.  Santiago
Harper Newman
Maire  Nicholson
Cora V. Oertly
Bottom Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
Not Pictured
Bottom Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
Ellen D.  Ogg
Collina L. Owens
James C.  Owens
Stanley W. Parker, Sr.
Edward W. Riley
A. Caffee  Robin
Frances B. Russell
Katharine L. Pendleton
Harvey  Pilzer
Ava C.  Pollard
Benjamin B.  Powell
Joseph A.  Redford
Fannie  Reuben
Harriet B.  Richardson
Dorothy D.  Skepwith
Emma J.  Skepwith
Hazel P.  Small
Samuel A. Ruth, Jr.
Elizebeth  Saunders
Minnie  Schapiro
Eva V.  Schriber
Karin  Serbell
Evelyn F. Shelton
Charles C. Shuffebearger
Not Pictured
1932 Class History
Published under the name "The Student" not "The President". 
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