Garbled Impressions of Class  History
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S.A.Ruth - president                           Boole Powell - vice-president
Claudia Major - secretary               Eugene Myers - boys treasurer
Nancy Codd - girls treasurer         Margaret Humphlett - SCA Rep

SCARED-everything strange-where's Room 118?  Looking for it on third floor.  Why's that man with the hat on blowing that noisy whistle so much? Sophs trying to sell you seats in the auditorium-not buying one-'eut won­dering if you should.  Why doesn't this locker open?  Reprimanded for coming late to class-how co~d you help it?  Finding out, surprisingly enough-that the room numbers are arranged systematically.  Why did they seem so mixed up before? Why doesn't he stop blowing that whistle?  Hurrying-going-where?  Referring to schedule card.  Bringing wrong book to class-back for the right one.  Ten hours for masticating the viscid sap of a South American eucalyptus tree.


Back to the front-not being called Rats any more.  Teasing the new batch of Froshies-joining societies.  Biology-looking for butterflies.  Is that a Virginia creeper or a sycamore leaf?  That "superior feeling"-when teaching a History I class.  Gosh, how do they get so dumb - Our class couldn't have been that dumb-when we came up here!  Some of the girls are waitresses at the Junior-Senior.  Golly! the year passed quick-we're - ready Juniors!


Ho-hum-back to the going-usual routine-trying to fix up schedules-not getting into any class you like.  Well-they'll do.  Had better work-chance for Honor Roll. Winning in boys' and girls' intramural athletics-winning in literary activities.  Elections for next year's officers-Seniors to be put up, of course.  Lots of excitement.  Giving Seniors a banquet-keeping up school traditions.  June-worn out by exams-reviving little on learning that you're a Senior.


Finding it hard to be dignified-but-worth it.  Rats stare.  Directing them-condescending to answer their own questions.  Varsity doing well-winning football cup from Maury.  Honors in literary field received by Wilson Seniors.  Rings and pins.  Baby Day-dignity sleeps awhile.  Final essays-what to write on!  Honor Roll announced.  Stunt Night-big success.  Caps and gowns arrive-graduation soon-Baccalaureate-diplomas-graduated!  How did four years pass so quickly? College-or post-graduate course?  What did he say ?-going out into the world-fighting our way to Success-reaching the goal.  School days finished-life beginning. What a grand and glorious feeling!

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1932 Class History
Published under the name "The Student" not "The President".  

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