Carlyle B. Amory
Martha B. Avent
Frances L. Barclay
Lee J. Ames
Hampton Anderson
Edna R. Austin
Clara L. Barkley
Scott Boylan
Winston Bum
Henry D. Barnes
Dorothy L. Barrick
Miriam B. Barrow
Eula W. Batts
Lloyd B. Baugham
Helen E. Beauchamp
Wesley G. Bell
Sarah G. Becker
Hortense B. Blachman
James Blalock
Max Berson
Annie Brewer
James A. Bunn
William T. Bunting
Alice C. Bowden
Augenia Bowen
Helen Bowen
Dorothy Boyce
Paul K. Brady
Charles J. Brennan
Edith R. Brewer
Nancy H. Britt
Naomi M. Britt
Charles H. Brown
Robert S. Brown
Sherwood M. Brown
Margarette A. Bryant
Frank N. Buck
Shirley A. Bunting
Henry T. Bunting
James F. Carr
Jean C. Cherry
Mary C. Cimino
D. Alma Claud
Nancy L. Codd
Rae S. Coin
Sophie F. Coin
William J. Cooper
Virginia Corbett
Virginia Blankenship
Jack Costello
Britton B. Culpepper
Harry C. Daugh
Harry W. Dickerson
William A. Dosey
Mildred A. Duncan
Frances V. Curling
Charlotte Cuthriell
Madge Durden
Harry T. Davis
Ralph W. Dearing
Jules N. Dews
Hazel Dickens
Mary W. Downing
Edith O. Dozier
William T. Eastwood
Joseph D. Felton
Melvin R. Early
Mae Edwards
T. Randolph Farleigh
Mallory H. Ferrell
Robert C. Foiles
Kate W. Foote
Dorothy B. Foreman
Gertrude Foster
Elizabeth K. Gallalee (Cousins)
Bottom Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
Not Pictured
Bottom Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row
Not Pictured
Alma M. Goldberg
Sara Goodson
Ellen W. Goodwin
Dante Greco
Robert E. Glover
Elise Goodman
Marian R. Goodman
Emily Inez Greene
Frederick W. Greene
Joseph P. Griffin
T. W. Edmund Hankinson
Andrew J. Hargroves
William L. Harmann
Jack Grimes
Edwin Greyard
Susan E. Gresham
Louise A. Hankinson
John C. Harper
Anne S. Henkel (Cutchin)
John R. Hill
Sylvia Hirsch
Audrey V. Grimes
Robert Grofton
Carlton Guyat
Henrietta Haworth
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1932 Class History
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