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Melvin Davis studies his book for a government test.
seniors vote "yes"
for refinery
"I am for it." - James Knapp

"I think it will do some good: it will bring some money into the city and people/" - Unknown

"Nothing wrong with it." - Unknown

"I think that we should get one because Portsmouth needs the refinery to increase income and what it can get from it.  It will increase our standard of living in the city." - Kenneth Wells

"The refinery would bring in more business to an otherwise dead community - jobs, etc.  But - they would have to meet the strictest controls and put colars around the boats coming into port." - Grace Hood
"I think it would help build Portsmouth." - Unknown

"More jobs,more money!" - Phillip Butler

"I think it is likely and it could help the city." -
Timmy Madden

"More money in circulation." - Larry Wright

"It's good in a way." - Gail Martin

      In the spring of 1976, a city-wide meeting was held in T.A.Willet Auditorium concerning the proposed oil refinery in Portsmouth.  There were many arguments for and against the oil refinery, resulting in a standstill on the issue.  This year, a number of Seniors were asked their opinion on the refinery.  To much surprise, they were allin favor of it.
Grace Hood
"I'm getting married.": says Debra Satterwhite.
Arthur Jones
seniors  choose  college,
employment,  and  marriage
"what do you plan to do after graduation?" is always a popular question asked of graduating Seniors. One of the most popular responses was tofurther their education by attending a college, business, or vocational school in the fall.  Another popular response was finding employement somewhere in the community.  One of the favorite responses among girls, though,  was getting married.                                       
senior class absorbs loss
    Sheila Scates was an outstanding student and musician of Woodrow Wilson.  She was a member of the school band for three years, held first-seat clarinet, was band president, and was a member of the All-Junior Regional, the All-Senior Regional, the All-City, and Tidewater Symphony bands.
         Besides her musical abilities, Shelia was a member of the S.C.A., The Spaniush Club, Who's Who Amoung American High School Students, National Honor Society member, a Girls State representative, and a Junior Marshall.
Shelia Scates
(1959 - 1976)
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