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 BACK TO 1976
Charles  Antonucci
  Portsmouth, VA
the super senior class!
     The class of 1977 was not only surpised when they returned to Wilson, but were overly- excited at the thought of being Seniors.  It seeemed like only yesterday when nervous little people entered the lonely halls of Wilson  to once again become the "bottom man on the totem  pole."  However, the day finally came on August 30 when they all felt the glory of being a Senior - ON TOP AT LAST!  And they let all the underclassman know (in any and every way) that this was a super Senior class.
senior math becomes
controversial issue
    A big controversy at school this year was Senior Math, a course pertaining to basic mathematical skills.  It is only to be taken is students cannot pass a test complied by teachers in the Math Department.  Students that took the course said it should not be mandatory.  They replied that they already had a year of Math and tha was all that was needed.  Students who were not required to take the course said it should be a requirement.  They said "basic mathematics is essential in everyday life."
" No one canexist in today's world without elementary concepts'"

". . .  they should be able to apply simple mathematical skills before completing high school." - Unknown

"One year of math is nough for anyone if you do not want to makea caeer that requires a lot of math." - Rosalind Richardson
Senior Math students appear unenthused with the course.
definition of "senior"
varies little
     "I'm a Senior,"    and "we are here at last" were familiar words exclaimed by the class of '77 as they returned to Wilson for their final year.  Yet, what qualified them to hold the status of "a Senior?"  Did they actually know what a Senior was, or was it something they took for granted?  They probably did not know it has a special meaning to each and everyone in that wonderful Senior class.
"A Senior is a person who through perseverance, determination, and struggle has been through eleven or more years to reach the point where he is closer to his goal; the high school diploma." - Kenneth Wells
Frankie Cohn deperately searches in the dictionary for the proper definition of a "Senior."
"A Senior is someone who has faught, stuggled, suffered, failed and passed by the skin of their teeth to graduate." - Patricia Kershner

"The beginning of something new, an end of reguire-
ment, beginning of mandatory." - Diane Ellis

"A Senior is a Fresman who has FINALLY
arrived." - Gayle Montague
"A Senior is what a Freshman has been lookin forward to for three years'" - Charlotte Frye
government vital for seniors
Nearing voting age, Seniors suddenly become interested in their government.  Realizing its importance, a large majority recognize it as a vital part of the cirriculum for Seniors.  Not knowing all they would like to know, they wanted to increase their knowledge and understanding and to become better ac-
quainted with something that played a major role in their lives.  Many also thought it was necessary to familiarize themselves with political relatonships between the United States and other countries.
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