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Mauldin SC
Michael Jerome Bennett
Richmond, VA

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Buena Parker, CA
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Sylvester Mills, Jr.

Cindy Treadway 
Belleville, MI

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Suffolk, VA

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Woodbridge, VA
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 Eden Prairie, MN
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Celia Wilson

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Gayle Montague
A student diligently proofreads his English paper.
Arleen Person
macbeth seen as popular-
term papers as necessary
and time consuming
   As a Senior, English class can be very interesting and involving.  When questioned this year, students said MACBETH, well-known play by William Shakespeare, would mbe the most exciting topic covered during the year.
    When the seniors were asked if they thought term papers were necessary, reponses varied greatly.  Students taking advanced coures and planning to attend college responded they should be a requirement.  They though they were good preparation for further education.  Students not wishing to go to gollege thought the papers were very time consuming and served no purpose.
Thersa Ramsey
Carrollton, VA

Marion Robinson
Debbie Brett, Brian Kodman, Emmitt Willtiams, and Teresa Payne enjoy the privilage of the Senior table.
Curtis Sharpe

Steven Sledge
      As underclassman grow up to Seniors, they earn or have Senior privilages passed on to them.  To name a few are first assembly, first to lrave assemblies,m the Senior lunch table, and exemption from exams with an "A" average.
    Many seniors feit that they were "ripped-off" when the eighth graders held signs and other unnderclassmen gave their respective class cheers (both Senior privilages). The respect was lost, and as a result, there was tension between the Seniors and underclassmen.
     However, the privilage of Senir Assembly with the Senior Class Play and Friendship Line will remained isn tact.
Mary Tyndall

Jerry Watson
Byron Westbrook

Marvin Williams
 Dana Griffin
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