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To the Tune: "We've Only Just Begun" 
                   by Barbara Striensand

Words  by Caroline  Brewer
We're  finally on our "way,
tonight With all our friends in hand 
We'll find a place  in tomorrow''s world
 And yes, we're on our way.

The years at Wilson were great
Many a hardship faced 
But still the school is so dear to us 
And now we must go on.

Facing the world and all its ups and downs
 Trying to make a better place 
Leaving behind us all the memories 
Working together for the best,
together, together.

And when we finally march, we'll smile 
So much of life ahead
We'll look back over the years we had
But still there's much to do.
published in "The Student"
Jump to Class Song
By Brenda Sue Griggs

    Four years ago, in September of 1970, we, the senior class of 1974, came to Woodrow Wilson High School full of school spirit and with one goal in mind-to work as hard as we could, so that we would be able to graduate in June of 1974.

    As we approached Wilson that first day, all sorts of questions went through our mind such as, what if we get lost in this big place, or what if someone tells us the wrong way to a classroom.'  During the first few -weeks of school, the upper classmen pulled all sort, of gags on us.  Most of us fell for the one about having to buy the auditorium seat before sitting in it, and others.

    On the administrative staff there were Mr. Jack Ryder, Principal: Mr. Edgar Morgan, and Mr. Vernon Randall, Assistant Principals,  The football team went to the Regional Playoffs and won, but they could not go on because they lost one game on the local level. Even though they could not go on, we still felt that we had a number one team.  Ronald Hardy was outstanding in football and track; Cecil Eley was equally outstanding in track.
    For the first time here at Wilson, the tradition was broken concerning the purchase of the class ring.  One could choose the traditional ring or the new ring.  The new ring had a stone of your choice, with the year, and a flying turtle, and a portrait of Woodrow Wilson on it.

   Even though the football team did not win many games during the 72-73 season, there was one outstanding athlete, Bruce Zirkle, in baseball.  On the Scholastic Team there were Lou Ann Boyd and Endie Browne first semester and Gina Hardy and Pam Smith second semester.

    As juniors we were responsible for the planning and preparing the Jr-Sr. Prom for the class of 1973.  In order to raise funds for the prom, we sold candy, class ringscandies, held car washes, bake sales and other projects.  It took a lot of hard work, patience, and devoted people to put it together.  Mrs. Bailey and Miss Wilson were advisors for the 
Junior Class. 

    Of courase the school his year 73-74 has been the busiest and most important to us.  In the Fall, we were measured for caps and gowns.  We placed our orders for announements, name cards, memory books, and other goodies.

   Woodrow Wilson High School and the student body , as well as the faculty, were honored to have Japanese visitors in our school for a day.  They were very pleased and honored by the very nice school we have and by the nice manners of the students.
Some of us were planning to go to work in the business world, some planned to go to college, and some planned to get married.  Whatever our plans were, we knew we would always cherish and honor Woodrow Wilson High School. We were grateful to all those who took part in our education.
As we ended our twelve years of schooling, we looked back and remembered many good times and some not-so-good events, many sad times, many loved classmates and teachers, and some not-so-loved classmates and teachers.  There were tears mixed with our happiness as we said our good byes and realized we were scattering in all directions.
Not only have we been proud of our administrative -staff during cur high school years, but also of Ralph Rowiey; President of the SCA, and John Lillard, Vice-President ,  We are also proud of the seniors on the Varsity cheering squad: Jeff James,- Drum Major; and all the students who were presidents in the different clubs; such as Dana Harris and David Williams. D.E.; Mona Cherry. I.C.T. : and Divinia Tancy , C.O.E. The Senior Class advisors Mrs. Dorothy Bryce, Mrs. Linda Morrison, Mrs. Frances Bailey.  Also we are very proud of the Senior Class oflicers who are Wayne Griffin-President; Rita Williamson, Vice-Presi-dent; Endia Browne, Secretary; Gina Hardy, Treasurer; Pam Smith; Honor Court; Brenda Griffin and Debbie Meadows, SCA Representatives.
In the spring we struggled to do our best on senior tern papers and a week before graduation night, we wore our caps and gowns for the first time and marched happily down the aisles of Willett Auditorium during the Senior Assembly.  In quick succession came the Baccalaureate and Commencement Night.  Even though this past year has been busy for us, we did not forget our studies nor the regular school activities,
    Of course, we are especially proud to have Mr. David Joyner as part of our administra- tive staff as Assistant Principal; Mr. Horace Savage, Assistant Principal; and Dr. Vito J. Morlino, Principal.
Our football team went to the Regional playoffs for third time but was defeated. We are very proud to have had Patrick O'Neal, Michael Lipford , James Doughtie, John Moss, and James Everett on the football team.

     This year most of the senior girls were busy trying out for Homecoming Queen.  There was a great turn-out, but we are very proud of Endia Browne who was crowned Homecoming Queen.  Mary Sue Wilkinson, Gina Hardy. Cindy Beacham. and Kim Marshall were Senior Attendants. Robin Faulk was elected as Maid-of -Honor and Cathy Thurfaer, Julia Green, Linda Lipford, and Anna Smelser were elected as Junior Attendents .
    Mr, Vernon Randall, Assistant Principal for the school year 1970-1971, was replaced by Mr. Horace Savage.  Along with Mr. Savage, Assistant Principal, there were Mr. Edgar Morgan, Assistant Principal, and Mr. Jack Ryder, Principal..

    As we look back over our sophomore year, not all was bad.  The football team went to the regional playoffs again, and played T. C. Williams.  Even though they were unsuc­ cessful, they were still number one to us.  There were several outstanding athletes, Steve Philbrick, football and wrestling; Mike Fagan, football and track: Robert Powell, football and basketball; Robert Davis, football; Eddie McSweeney, basketball; Eddie Powe football and basketball: Herb Miller, track; Ken Parsons, track: and Dara. McCormick, and we, were very proud of Cecil Eley, who played track.

    In. the fall of 1972, there were many new students and faculty members, as well as administrators.  Many former Norcomites were now Presidents.  Even though there were mix emotions , most of the people involved met the  occasion with dignity with the deter­ mination lo complete their high school education. -Dr. Vito Morlino. became Principal;  Mr. William Sanders and Mr. Horace Savage were Assistant Principals.

    Wilson lost most of their football players to Manor High School, and two of the coaches, Mr. Ralph Gahagar. went to Princess Anne High School, and Mr. Beale went to Manor High School.  This meant that most of our football players were freshmen or inexperience players, but we were and still are very proud to have James Doughtie and Patrick 0'Neal on our team.

    The time finally arrived that most of the junior girls had been dreaming of since they arrived here at Wilson,  That is being able to go out for Maid-of Honor for the Homecoming festivities.  We were proud of the large number of girls who signed up as candidates, but we were very proud of Katby Jolliff and Angela Majett, who made Junior Attendants.  We are especially proud of Gina Hardy who was crowned Maid-of-Honor.  Of course, we cannot, forget the ones who made the court for queen.  They were Paulette Moore, and Debra Blow, Senior Attendants, and Regina Gaymon, Honecoming Queen.
When school opened in the fall of 1971, there were many problems, but adjustments and concern on the part of the administration and students enabled us to complete the year with a mininum of problems.  The  School  Board  had   plans underway  for changing I. C. Norcom High School into a technical school.  This fact coupled with the opening of another city high school, Manor, promised big changes at Wilson in the fall of 1972.


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