Ronnie Lynn Salasky

George M. Savidge
Twentynine Palms, CA
Marita Sawyer

Sandy Schwartz
Raymond Schweiger

Tommy Severn
Steve Silverman

Brenda Smith
Jerree Smith

Bill Smith
Robert Snyder

Thomas St. Clair
Dave Straeten

Sharon Stublen
Audrey Sturgis
Margaret Josephine
Swimme (Costell)
Chesapeake, VA
Sharon Szarek

James Terrell
James Tew

Joyce Thomasson
Louise Thrower

William Trollinger

Lynn Vaughan
Thomas Edgar

Amy Wallace
Marvene Warrington

Cheryl Raye Wax
Phillip Weatherly

Edwin Bonnie Wellons
Judy Wermick

Ann Michelle West
Nancy White

Richard Wildey
Trudie Wilkins

Robert Williams
Garland Williams

Judy Winborne
Mark Winnick

Jo Ann Woodall
Edward "Dukie" J. Woodard, Jr.
Norfolk, VA

Barbara Woodard
Paul Wrenn
Santa Fe, NM

Patricia Lee Wynn
Wayne Wynn                   Robert Young
Charles Zedd

Other Alumni Not Pictured
Lowell O. Thomas
Parkland, FL
Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
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