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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA
Class History
Bruce Edward Myers
Livingston, TN

Richard Warren Benton
Marsha Marie Hanrahan

Katherine Springfield Clark 
Elizabeth Stuart Snowden 
Girl's Treasurer

Carl Edward Rhodes
Boy's Treasurer
Portsmouth, VA
John William Adams

Louise Gather Albertson
Barbara Ann Anderson

Irving C. Baugham
Portsmouth, VA
William Thomas Darden

Linda Frances Ellen
Ronald Harrison Bean

Nancy Cheryl Boyce
Harvey Alvin Brady

Ronald Wayne Brett
Sharon Lee Brewer
Yucaipa, CA

Melvin Jerome Burch
Madeline Aldridge Crawford

Allen Perry Cutchin
Lois Sharon Eaves

Mary Judith Ellen
Michael William Ellsworth
Portsmouth, VA

Grace Jean Galbreath
Carey Thomas Garrenton
Shirley Temple Gough
Ruth Lee Harrell

Henry Franklin Hollowman
Margaret Ann Grillo

George Mason Hogan
Chester William Harrison

Charlotte Suzanne Hunt
Peggy Jean Hawkins

James Miburn Jarman
Allen Tobias Hedgepeth

Joan Lee Jenkins
Karla Rita Maggard

Allen Curtis Phemister
 Oak Harbor, WA
Donlad Wynn Lewis

Bette Parker
Walter Swindell Manning

Nancy Earle Piland
John George Meagher

Julie Anne Posey
George Edward Palasthy

Miriam Torralbue Rodriguez
Betty Lou Spencer

Thomas E. St. Clair
Richard Allen Simmons

Carol Sue Smith
Fredrica Sue Tuner

Roy Vann Twining
Gloria Ann Wilkins

Joseph Warren Wynne, Jr.
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