Mr. Ernest Etheridge
Richard "Dickie"
Carroll Journee III
Portsmouth, VA
John A. Kauffman, Jr.
Portsmouth, VA
Sara Faye Silling
Sherry Wayne Holland
Girls' Treasurer                 
Virginia Beach, VA
Nathan Carlyle Duncan
SCA Representative
Melvin "Skip" Edward Cane
Chula Vista, CA

Carroll E. Davis
Barbara Jean Brewer

Mary Elizabeth Coley
Joan C. Boose

Evelyn Cherry Bowen
Judith Ann Ausley

Thomas Leslie
Kenneth Lee Barnes

William Louis Blyth
Linda Jean Jernigan

Mary Wellford Johnston
Joy Ann Hoggard

Gladys Virginia Jarvis
Doris Annette Haynes

George Michael
Judy Josephine

William Sidney Etheridge
Charles Nathan
Samuel Irwin
Golightly, Jr.
Paul Elisa Moncovich

Carol Wood Mullen
Purvis Wilson Lovelace, Jr.

Linda Shannon Martin
Dawn S. Williams

William Wayne
Mary Anette

Rebecca Dale Jones
Foy McLaurin Lassiter

Rufus Jennings
Long, Jr.
Peggy Jo Rountree

J. C. Smith
Janet Sue Redd

Roy Deans Richardson
Susan Ray

Sandra Kaye Reardon
Lilburn, GA
Shirley Ann Pergam

Barbara I. Perry
Gene E, Pope

Rose Marie Porter
Charles Conrad White

Anne Gayle Whitehurst
Mary Anne Viola

Verona L. Wadford
Robert Clarke Turner
Chesapeake, VA
Jerry Crafton
John Carroll

Charles Kieth Staples
John Walton
Thompson, Jr.

D.  Michael Tuckey
Jeanie B. Andrews

Marcellus Lee Asble, Jr.
Marshall Dodson
Owens, Jr.
Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
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Billy R. Hasty
Portsmouth, VA

1961 Memories
1960½  Class History
February                                      Officers
William Thomas
Vice President
Dennis Pierce
SCA Representative
Hanover, VA
Aubrey Lee Holland
Boys' Treasurer
Joyce Kay Lambert
Honor Court
Willam Riley Inman, Jr.
Portsmouth, VA
Sherry Braithwaite (Holland)
= Deceased
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