Robert Clayborne Petrey

Ray Estelle Piedmont
Ruth Annette Powers

Sallie Garlick Pugh
Marguerite Reese

Raymond Frances Ruett
Henry Alponso Robertson, Jr.

Robert Edward Rosenfeld
Helen Gertrude Rowe

Thomas Frances Batard Russell
Marion Alyse Shearon

James Herbert Simpson
Minton Lawrence Slifer

James Luke Smith, Jr.
Catherine Eugenia Savage

George Willard Shanks
Mills A. Smith

Josephine Elliott Snellings
Oscar Soroko

Dorothy Frances Spivey
William Wilson Stalnaker, Jr.

Anna Mae Stephens
Frances Stokes

Ralph Morton Stokes, Jr.
William Story

Sarah Lee Story
Elise Dashiell Stroud

Thomas Bendon Stroud
Dorothy Jane Sturtevant

Elma Sunday
Henry George Taylor, Jr.

Lillian Carl Taylor
Eady Kathleen Thomas

Pauline Thornhill
Robert Louis Sweeney, Jr.

Clifton Acra Taylor
Cora Albertine Turner

Martha Teresa Turner
James E. Twilley

Vivian Wright Twilley
Edward Alton Tyler

Ruth Elizabeth Van Dyck
Mildred Irene Vaughan

Florence Kathleen Verlander
Mildred Virginia Vick

Arthur Leonard Wadsworth
Charlotte Marjorie West

William Blount Westbrook
Lee Matthew Wheless

Robert Gordon Weiner
Louis W, Walters

Ruth Blackwell Weaver
Harry Guyton Williams

Margaret Naomi Williams
Kate Sanders Willis

Alice Whirtehead Wise
William Franklin West

Pauline Walton Womack
Helen Elizabeth Woodward

Anne Lee Wright
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