Dorothy Evelyn Goodman

Mayer Martin Goodman
John Lewi Gray

Audrie May Halstead
George C. Hanvey

Floyd Willis Hargrave
Alma McLean Harrell

Eleanor Frances Harrell
Melva Louise Harrell

Vernon Bilisoly Hayden
Carl Frank Herman

Ruth Hesselschwerdt
Mildred Jean Hewitt

Mollie Marian Hirsch
Etta Catherine Hodges

Margaret Estelle Holland
Clifton Pierce Houston

Evelyn L. Hutcheson
Van Kent Heely

Samuel "Sam" Lane Herbener
Vivian Jackson

Edwin Jacobson
Bayard E. Jewell

William Hutchins Johnson
Sarah Catherine Jones

Willis Manley Jones
Dena Katz

Elmer C. Knoderer, Jr.
Lynwood Kreger

Edward Robert Land
Georgia Mae Lawson

Evelyn Leesnitzer
Evelyn Emma Lewis

Sarah Odessa Liles
Glayds Lena Lane

Ruth Lawrence
Edith Louise Lively

Marie Louise Lowe
Martha Anne Luke

Charles Maxwell Major, Jr.
Frances Elizabeth Manning

Walter S. Manning
Sadye Marcus

Sidney Marcus
Ruth Virginia Marks

Grace Hortense Martin
John James McLean, Jr.

Julian C. McLean, Jr.
Edwin Lewis Miltier

Alma Dorothy Montague
Alice Lamar Mathews

Joseph Britton Mayo
William Morlino

Edward Leon Nagle, Jr.
David Nash Nelson

Edith Neville
Marjorie Newsome

Tazewell G. Nicholson
Vernon Steadman Nicholson, Jr.

James Linwood Parker
Jesse Carroll Parrish

Elizabeth Farras Pattersn
Robert Marvin Peach

Doris Louise Peele
No Class History
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