Beatrice M. Long

Herbert Mays
Mary E. Miller

Joseph H. Mizell
William  N. Mobley

Clifton G. Morris
Marguerita  Mountcastle

Mary Margaret  Myers
Harry Nesbit

Lillian J. Newbern
Carl H. Overstreet

Paul O. Perry
Norman  M. Pierce

Wilson Pierce
Miriam L. Powers

Elenor V. Price
Edward G. Pugh

Ruth I. Putnam
Marion Rea

Dorothy V. Rose
Frances E. Rusher

Wellington Mills Saecker
Bernard  Schapiro

John Shannon, Jr.
Julia  M. Simmons

Thomas E. Sivertson
Doris Smith

Helen V. Stivers
George M. Talbot

Mary E. Talbot
Johnnie A. Taylor

Crafton I. Umphlett
Florence Vaughan

Garnett V. Verlander
Alice L. Vick

William M. Waters
Evelyn E. Watson

Jack E. Weiseman
Jean Woodson

Jake Wyron
Charles W. Ziegenhain

Ellen C. Lewis

Ruth E. Liles
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The 1936 Annual was the first to be published since 1932.  This was due to the economic depression of the time.  The 1936 annual did NOT contain the 1935½ class.  It ONLY contained the 1936 June graduating class.  Here is the 1935½ class.
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