President - Do you know who??
Vice-President - Do you know who??
Girls' Treasurer -  Do you know who??
Boys' Treasurer - Do you know who??
Secretary - Do you know who??
Dallas D. Austin

Grover E. Barnes
Julian R. Behrman

Bernard C. Bond
George F. Borjes

Walter H. Brewer
Ruth W. Britton

Reba L, Bryan
Willie M. Burnette

Doris M. Bynum
Ralph G. Cohen

Helen E. Collins
Garland L. Cook, Jr.

Hubert Cosner
Allen O. Covert

Earl S. Cox
Carroll  E. Culpepper

Frances L. Culpepper
Jessie V. Culpepper

Thelma  M.Culpepper
Raymond J. Cutchin, Jr.

Robert E. Cutchin
Barbara A. Darden

Harry E. Davis
Raymond W. DeGraw

Alpheus Dixon
George W. Fawcett

Sylvan B. Foreman
Jane S. Forsythe

Robert G. Goldman
Dorothy Gray

George L. Grimes
Mary C. Hamlet

Ava C. Harrell
Virginia M. Hatchell

Ruth L. Holderfield
Irvin M. Holzsweig

Wilton Hurst
Julian Jacobs

Evelyn Jacobson
Elbernice D. Jones

George G. Joyner
Margaret V. Keeter

Hellen Kelly
Willy E. King

Grace Kirkland
Harry Kostopulos

Herman J. Kraemer, Jr.
Jean Kraft

Bessie C. Knuckle
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The 1936 Annual was the first to be published since 1932.  This was due to the economic depression of the time.  The 1936 annual did NOT contain the 1935½ class.  It ONLY contained the 1936 June graduating class.  Here is the 1935½ class.
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