Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
1995 Memories
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Ronnie W. Jones, Jr.

Laura L. Journigan
Andrea M. Lee
Hampton, VA

Peter M. Lemay
Bryan E. King

Shirley L. Kitchen
Keith B. Klemm
Monterey, CA

James J. Knight
Sean D. Malcolm

Tanya Shantrisa Mann
Daniel C. McKinley

Natosia McNair
Kathy E. McPherson
Wellsville, KS

Philip P. McPherson
Catrina M. Lent
Portsmouth, VA

Jason C. Lewis
Sarah L. Lewis

Amy M. Long
Kickolaos D. Katselos

Shawn Kellum
Kimberly D. Kelly

Tracie M. Kilburn
Jessica D. Mattox

Kathryn Nicole McCallister
Portsmouth, VA
Nikida Moss

Mustafa N. Muhammad
Marlo Lamont Mullen
Mililian, HI

Christian R. Nargawa
Danielle A. Newberry

Matthew J. Merritt

Jason T. Midgett
Sherry A. Miller

Tracy L. Mitchell
Mandy M. Monacelli

Amanda "Mandy" Gail Monell
Nathaniel Morrison

Latisa Moss
Portsmouth, VA
Jessica Newman

Shawn L. Oliver
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The Class Roster and pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Roster may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not officially indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated.  If you are not represented in your class, you will be added to the last page of the year and you may submit a photo to be added.  All information on these pages came from the yearbook represented and alumni who have passed on information and may NOT be accurate John “Eddie” Lee ’68.