Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
1995 Memories
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by John "Eddie" Lee class of '68
Amee D. Alford

Keith V. Allman
Paul J. Allman

Aisha N. Alston
Johnatan C. Bashay

Angelica S. Benson
Latasha Shonta Berkley
Richmond, VA

Deria A. Holland
Philadelphia, PA
Lavonya J. Blowe

Bryan K. Bonner
Portsmouth, VA
Je'Nae Branch

Robert E. Braswell
Nicole L. Brickhouse
Portsmouth, VA

Kerrie W. Briggs
Denene E. Alston
Richmond, VA

Tryrell L. Anders
Clare M. Arnold
Suffolk, VA

Camerly J. Arrington
Latoya D. Austin

Susan M. Baker
Jennifer C. Barnes

Sarah E. Barnett
Pamela D. Boone
Portsmouth, VA

Randy Boone
Cheri Kathleen Cathell
Portsmouth, VA

Renee Cavazos
Michael S. Chatman

Holly L. Cloud
Jason A. Colden

Cory Collins
Amber L. Brooks

David E. Brooks
Latisha J. Brown

Michael A. Butler
Christopher R. Cabanillas

Juan C. Carlos
Carlos R. Carrasco
Portsmouth, VA

Roy Nathaniel Carter III
Richmond, VA
Heather S. Cooke

Barbara J. Cooper
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The Class Roster and pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Roster may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not officially indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated.  If you are not represented in your class, you will be added to the last page of the year and you may submit a photo to be added.  All information on these pages came from the yearbook represented and alumni who have passed on information and may NOT be accurate John “Eddie” Lee ’68.