Mark Hilory Joyner

Pamela Joyner

Steven Earl Joyner
Laura Ann King

Valarie Sherrie King

Marlia Kraatz
Brenton Jose'

Paula Lawrence

Lydia Lichovitz
Diane Anita Long

Gwendelyn Marrow

Vincent D. McCoy
Tammy McDonald

Teresa Ann Miller

Edward Mills
Cornelius Sandy Monk

Thomas Michael Montgomery

Antoinette Moore
Maxine Moss

Mike Mullen

Brian Jeffery Nance
Johnelle Lee Noll
Brenda D. Owens
Portsmouth, VA
Mark Gitt

Karen S. Goodman

Valaria Lanise Grant
Wade Jefferson Greiner
Sherrill Anita Harrison
Vernon Dewayne Herron
Forestville, MD

Marsha A. Higger

Allie Marie Hike
Elsie Denise Hill

Cedric Leon Hines

Rebecca Marie Houchens
Julia Lee Howard

Eric Honell

Robert Aleander Honell
Janet Jefferson

Greg Jernigan

Kay Lynette Johnson
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
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  John “Eddie” Lee ’68

  The Seniors spent many hours deciding what style and how many graduation "extras" (announements, senior keys, etc.) to purchase.  Also, they had to be sized for that all important cap and grown that served them so well in June.
Chili Joyner marches on to class.
Robin Lynn Hagerman
Portsmouth, VA
    The Seniors made it a definite date to follow and cheer the athlete teams on to victory this year at the games and during "pep rallies".  Who will ever forget the immortal SENIOR YELL.  The Seniors contributed to the continuation of school spirit that has been a characteristic of Wilson over the years.
     The Seniors found all the facilities very useful during the year, the Library, the Guidance Office, and all the teachers that helped us through this, the most important year of our entire school life.
CLASS OF '81 IS #1
     Into the halls of Wilson all the Seniors followed all the latest styles in fashion.  Vincent McCoy, Student Body President said he was always in "CQ".
Gerard Odom
Karen D. Parker
Edward Mills sorts through his books on the way to class.