Edward Theodore Hawkins
Reno, NV
Vance Hunter Pittman
Cynthia Pope

Paulette Pope

Robert Eric Prince
Maria Antionette Quinerly

Anita Belinda Randolph

Teri Lynn Robertson
Herbert M. Robinson
Portsmouth, VA

David L. Roulhaic

Michael D. Rowland
Virginia Beach, VA
Trecia Geneane Saunders
Silver Springs, MD

Preston "Buddy" Dean Sawyer, Sr.
Chesapeake, VA

Laura Etta Scarbough
Laura Louise Schmidt

Romanda Yuette Scott

Christel Kay Sells
Angela Lavern Simmons

Dianne Souch

Velicia Lycinda Syfrett
Darlene Sykes

Mary Taylor

Franklin Thornton
Jacqueline Tillett

Angela Marie Tillman

Dellareese Ynonne Trotter
Debra Beth Tucker

Karen Vann

Deverly Rae Vaughan
Jacqueline Warren
Vernetta Marie Webb
Paul Phillip Wetherbee, Jr.

Billie Kaye Whittaker

Anika Williams

Leonard Wilson

James Leroy Wilson

Pamala Kay Wood
Kenneth Wright 
Other 1981 Alumni Not Pictured
Voyce Donald McGinley III
Burbank, CA

Darryl Dean Murphy
Los Alamitos, CA

Keith Neal
Chesapeake, VA

Mozetta Trotter

Rayford Edward Walker

Ricky L. Watson
Suffolk, VA
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Steven D. Doherty
Portsmouth, VA
Cheryl Jacobs

Antinoette Beatrice Johnson
Norfolk, VA

Miriam Christian Lee
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The Seniors found many interesting things to experiment with New careers, freedom, responsibilities, and some things that are not printable, and who will ever forget the GIRLS!
Vincent McCoy and Billy Frye use some forces in Physics.
    The Seniors always enjoyed the pep rallies and assemblies and many of of us participated in the activities that made the shows possible; the Band, Cherring, Chorus, Sports, and SCA.
Johnelle Nell, Rhonda Folston, and Cathy Knight run hard for Cross Country.
   The Senior athletes did very well for the school this year.  Helping form and participate in new teams and making the new athletes successful.  All the Senior athletes will never forget the influance their coaches had on them during this year and over other years of high school.  This has been a fun and eventful year leading us into our new life and the years ahead.
Terri Anita Wade
Romanda Scott cheers the team to victory.
Mike Spinks discusses the game with Coach Moore
Patricia   Yates