Johnnie Parker Saunders, Jr.
Suffolk, VA
Edward Lee Sawyer
Frank Anderson Sayre III
Connie Jo Russell
Varon C. Rollins
Marcia Louise Russell 
Portsmouth, Va
Deborah Lynn Sawyer (Hughson)
Portsmouth, VA
Linda Sue Sawyer
David Michell Schlitz
Raymond Antoine Scott
Jean Furrer Sayre
Ronda Lee Shepheard
James Virgil Sherwood, Jr.
Roanoke, VA
Kenneth Lynn Simpson
Carol Jeanine Sipes
Richard Sellers
Walter Henry Smead
Portsmouth, VA
Doris Jean Smith
Gloria Jean Smith (Gaines)
Marlene Evangeline Smith
Randy Carl Sparks
Belinda Kay Spencer
Janis Mae Stearns
Gloria Jean Stephenson
Lucy Lynne Stewart
Bonnie Stuben
Teresa Gail Sugg
Carol Leigh Summerlyn
Portsmouth, VA
Howard Willis Taylor
Sandra Williams Sturgis
Billy Ray Summerell
Centreville, VA
Steven Sykes
Deborah Teachey
Alarie Tennille
Kanasas City, MO
Millard F. Thomas, Jr.
Connie Leigh Townsend
Bruce Shepard Trant, Jr.
Winchester, VA
Gregory Henry Thomas
Nancy Margaret Thompson
Mildred Ann Trammell
Alice Scollise
Deborah Leigh Sears
Portsmouth, VA
James Ellis Shepheard
Michael Stephen Sherman
Mary Anne Short
Sharon Marie Simpson
William Preston Slaughter
Beverly Sue Smith
Ellen Carol Smith
Judy Carol Smith
William Stanley Smith
Grace Jeannette Spence
Ronnie St. Clair
Portsmouth. VA
Bernard Steven Steiner
Barbara Stepp
Cynthia Ann Stokes

1970 Class History

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