Donald Herbert Carlsen
Portsmouth, VA
Anne Henry Carter
Robert Carter
Bonnie Lynn Cary
Douglas Eugene Bynum
Margaret E. Carson
Paula Lynne Carter
Margaret Ann Caruthers
Stephaine Cecil
Vincent Thomas Cherry, Jr.
Keith Clements
Wallace Woodrow Chadwick, Jr.
Theresa Marie Ciotti
Robert Frederick Casey
Portsmouth, VA
Mary Ann Conner
James Daniel Corey
Williamsburg, VA
Guy Thomas Costner
Jennifer Ray Cousins
Katherine Collins
Charles Stephen Connolly
Greensboro, NC 
Ellen Marie Costner
Norman Amos Cote, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA
Teresa Evelyn Crawford
Virginia Louise Creecy
Debra Yvonne Crowder
Charles James Crawford
James Creech
Braddy B. Crim
Bonnie Lee Daniel 
Chesapeake, VA
Sharon Lee Darden
Roger Davis
Mary Christeen Davis 
Hertford, NC
Brenda Faye Dahl
Nancy Cheryl Daniel
Shirley Jean Darwin
Clarice Sheppard Davis
Susan Denise Davis
Jean Dickinson
Peter Michael Dawson
Sarah J. Davis-Crawford
Portsmouth, VA
Jean Marie Dawson
Chesapeake, VA
Richard I. Deanes
Richard Allen Eagan
Lynn Haven, FL
Stuart Norman Duffen
Robert Alan Dolliver
James Michael Dillon
Edward Wayne Digg
Larry G. Dillon
Marjorie Ann Drummond
George Palmer Dyson
Edward Wally Ellsworth
Gayle Ray Ellis
Dale Lee Edwards
Gloucester, VA
Charles McRae Edwards
Brenda Edwards
Nancy Carol Early

1970 Class History
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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA

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