Karen Marshall

Ames Schroeder
Gloria June Burgess 
Chesapeake, VA

Beverly Anne Osborne
Girl's Treasurer

Charles Bond
Boy's Treasurer

Ruth Snowden
S.C.A. Rep
Nancy Eppling

Jo Ann Hooks 
Sergeant at Arms
William C. Smith

Leonard Lao 
Sergeant at Arms
Paula Abrams

Bonnetta Adkins 
Carol Barber

Gregory Barnes
Rosalie Aikens

Kenneth Nash Archer
Norma Archer

Ronald Alfred Audet
Portsmouth, VA
George William "Bill"Ayers
Swansboro, NC

Betty Bailey
Celia Eleanor Beale

Ollie Viola Bean
Delores Marie Boothe

   Thomas Roland Brackett
Largo, FL
Charles E. Beck

James Thomas Benn
Marshall Berman

Robert Berry
Morris Jacob Blachman
 Columbia, SC

Leslie Brenda Block
Mimi Brake

Bobby G. Brantley
Patricia Ann Byrd

Dorothy Jane Calvert 

Donnie Brinkley

Clarence Brown
Carolyn Grey Buchanan 

Helen Bunting
Richard M. Buckley

Sally Bushong
Bobbie Lou Caples 
Chesapeake, VA

Jeanette Carroll
Wanda Sue Corn

Edwin Louis Cox
Teddy Carson

Judy Cates 

Bruce Cherry

Johnny Clayton
Thomas Clemons

Kathleen Collins
Lucy Creecy

John Ryan Crostic
Carolyn Sue Deeds

Suzanne DeLaine
Tommy Crutcher

Susan Crutchlow
Phyllis Ann Currie

Lad Daniels
Arthur Lee Davis

Betty Jo Davis
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