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Our long awaited day finally arrived on February 1, 1952. That was the biggest day in mast of our lives, for it was our first day at Woodrow Wilson. Although we were only 8A's
-lower even than what upper classrnen had considered the lowest, 8B's-Student Council President Larry Goldman ex-tended to us a warm welcome. We fell for all the old standard jokes and even introduced a few new ones our-selves. At first we rushed from class to class, but pretty soon we caught on to the slower pace of Wilson students.

We watched with eager enthusiasm all the rush and cx-citement of the Mock Convention, and were delighted to take part in it.

By the time Student Council elections rolled around, we felt like full fledged members of the student body. We cast our votes, and Joe Helms was elected President.

Our 8B year the following fall was indeed a memorable one. We witnessed Portsmouth's Bi-Centennial celebration, and the crowning of Wilson's first homecoming queen, Debbie Thomas.

At lost we became freshmen and we really feli important. Most of us were busy with joining clubs and taking part in more school activities. Spring elections declared George Gould president of the Student Council. In the fall of our freshman year Anne Edwards was eleced homecoming queen and few of us will ever forget her lovely court.

During the first semester of our sophomore year Kit Morse was elected Student Council president. Everyone be-gan to talk about an Honor Council, and the idea for our present one was born.

1955 was declared Victory Year by our Student Council, and it was, in the fullest sense of the word. It would be our last year in the old building, and we were determined to make it a memorable one. Our football team walked off with the State Championship and each of us was especially proud. Our baseball team and basketball team also ex-celled. Homecoming again rolled around and Barbara Turner was chosen to reign over the festivities. Most of us still remember the warmth of her smile which symbolized the spirit of Victory Year.

However, even Victory Year had its tragedy, for it was then that we mourned the loss of Julius Caesar. Somehow the bust of Caesar which Miss Emily Dashiell had treasured for so long toppled from its perch in Room 111 and was broken.

As 3A's we organized the Junior Class. William Smith was elected class president. Most of us were proud to be upper classmen, but we realized that our days at Wilson were numbered.

Our basketball team won the Eastern District Champion-ship and placed third in the state. We were really proud of our boys.

The talented upper classmen presented the First Annual Junior Class Minstrel which was a roaring success. Proceeds financed the lost Junior-Senior Prom in the old school. From all reports it was a gala affair, and many of us yearned for the coming year when we could attend.

Before the toil of final exams, Bob White was elected

president of the Student Council, and Brent Wickers wa elected Honor CounciI Chairman. At last Wilson was mok mg progress in attaining a workable honor system.

The following faIl brought forth the realization of a dream, for we entered the sparkling new Woodrow WiIson.  At first we yearned for the familiarity of the old buiIding which had become Harry Hunt Junior High School. As we entered the spacious new structure, maps were presented to us. Imagine! A school so large that one needed a .map to find classrooms!

Soon our many activities forced us to forget the lonliness for the friends we didn't bump into in the crowded halls.  Gloria Mercer reigned as the first homecoming queen for the new school. Homecoming seemed a bit strange in a brand new building, but we got busy working on floats for the parade and the occasion was as big a success as ever.

Again the talented Seniors presented a show   This time it was a Christmas Fantasy. Membersof the Vocal Department also presented a make believe television showin our T. A. Willett Auditorium

Not to be outdone, our Junior Class laid plans for the "Second Annual Junior Class Minstrel". All of us were excited when opening night arrived, and we felt it was a terrific success.

With proceeds from the show to finance it, we began preparation for the Junior-Senior. What a massive gym we had to decorate! Fantasy Land was the theme, and the big night arrived the gym was really gorgeous.

Somehow in our busy schedule we managed to have a Mock Convention. Wilson was the scene of vigorous campaigning for each candidate, and we, as did the nation, chose Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Baby Day came with its usual pranks and fun. That was definitely one day few of us will ever forget The girls were so proud of their frilly, short dresses, and the boys really were cute with their knees showing.

Student Council election again rolled around and Lad Daniels was elected president. William Smith was elected to head the Honor Council, which was then in operatiori.

However, all the fun had its price, for exams foIlo,','ed close behind. We sweated and toiled, but somehow we managed to pass English 7.

When fall came again, we were full-fledged seniors, scheduled to graduate January 25, 1957. As we struggled along, we kept that date in mind and it really helped. The midnight oil burned as we worked on our term papers. When they were finished, we gave out with a sigh of relief.

Before we realized it, we were being measured for caps and gowns.  Plans for the banquet, the class play, and Baccalaureate were in full swing. Nervous tension mounted to an all time high as January 25 drew nearer.

Then the magic week began. Baccalaureate, the class play, the banquet, the class party, and exams all occurred in one week.

Suddenly, everything was over, and we set out armed with a diploma and many cherished memories to face the future.
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