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In the glorious year of 1953 we found ourselves Freshmen in high school at last. Many of us had come to the old Wilson for the first time, and our classmates from the Eighth grade found us gullible to the standard jokes. They were delighted to trick us on such matters as the old "elevator", which usually turned out to be a storeroom, or one of the offices.

We were a willing cheering squad yelling our lungs out at those football games until we couldn't speak the next day. We thrilled to see our first homecoming of which we were a very real part. Ground already had been broken for the new school, and the spade, with some dirt still on it, was kept in a trophy case to remind us "that better things were coming".

We were dedicated to the memory of the old school the next year, for it would be the last year that we would walk under those low ceilings. The Student Council announced that this year was to be 'Victory Year', and it was in every sense of the word; for among other awards, we walked off with the State Championship in football and the Eastern District Championship in basketball.

A great tragedy came to us that fall.  It seems that vandals broke in and destroyed our cherished statue of Caesar which Miss Emily Dashiell had guarded for so long. We also lost our beloved head of the English Department, Miss Lelia Deans. The Junior Class Minstrel was a highlight in which many of us participated. That was also the last year of the old Honor Society.

We organized into a class for the first time as Juniors and elected Willie Smith, President.

In our last year we obtained what we had been waiting far. We entered the new Woadrow Wilson High SchooI for the first time. Actually, the school was not completed, and is not at the present time. Someone remarked as we en-tered the beautiful T. A. Willett Auditorium, that they would have to give us maps to find our way, which is exactly what happened. Without those maps, we wouldn't have found a classroom before the bell rang for the next period. We were swamped with the vastness of this building in which to study "Readin', Riting, and 'Rithmetic".

The homecoming was a big success, and a member of our own class was part of the court in the person of Marsha Del Rosaria, our lovely Maid of Honor. We had three shows: the "Christmas Fantasy" by the Senior Class; "Show Business", a Broadway musical by the Vocal Department; and our own big success-"The Second Annual Junior Class Minstrel". Those chorus girls were top stuff, as was the whole show which was enjoyed by all.

Later that spring we would find all the "intellectuals"

and anyone who was a politician at heart busily preparing for the big event. Our Mock Convention to nominate a Presidential candidate for the All-American Party (Eisenhower) was true in its choice for the top man of the country. Under the direction of Miss Marjorie Codd and the History Department, !t followed the form of a real convention, and was informative as well as great fun for everyone involved.

We were successful in sports last year by placing second in the Eastern District in basketball, football, and baseball. For the first time in Wilson history we had a full fledged wrestling team. Also, we again had an All-American in our ranks as Arthur Browning made the grade. We watched with interest the Seniors frolicking on Baby Day, knowing that next year would be our turn.

We elected Karen Marshall our president for the coming year. And here we are! Seniors! The cream of the crop! Most of us felt a pang of sadness when we fjrst entered school this fall and found our older friends gone.  We decided that this was to be our best year at Wilson, and it certainly has been.

Election year and all its excitement was brought right into the school by the mock election poll and assembly sponsored by the Student. Vigorous campaigning ended with a good majority for Stevenson. Oh well! You can't be right all the time.

College day this year had special meaning for us, as many of us selected the college we would attend at this time. Thank you, Counseling Office Staff, for being so patient with us Seniors in our attempts to select a profession.

Homecoming this year was the most successful in Wilson's history. Our lovely queen, Mimi Brake, and our Maid of Honor, Audrey Cherry, and their attendants made a beautiful court. The whole football team of '31 was there. Who won the parade? The French Club, of course!

The Spring has come and passed with its wonderful events. Career day was special to us this year, as were all the assemblies. We have had such a goad time as club members and as a class. Baby Day was the greatest fun for us. The assembly and the dance topped off an enchanted day of fairy tale land. The Junior-Senior this year was such a thrill for all of us as we promenaded the beautifully decorated gym.  Bless you, Juniors, for giving us such a wonderful night to remember the rest of our lives. The Class banquet, play, and commencement all will be remembered for their beauty, butterflies, and for our par-ticipation in them. Yes, it has been a glorious year for us. We have enjoyed every minute.
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