President - William Howard
Vice-President Joyce Ruth Pickett
Girls' Treasurer -  Arlene Wilson
Boys' Treasurer - Robert William Wentz, Jr.
Secretary - Ann Burton Hanbury
Advisor - Miss Eleanor Dashiell
Anne Darden Acey

Joanne Alderman
James Robert Allen

Charles Victor Amory
Margaret Anne Anderson

Janet Andrews
Diane Adair Appenzeller

Helen L. Ashcroft
Billy Martin Benson

Harwood Bledsoe
Noma Frances Ashe

Thomas Brantly Bailey, Jr.
Kenneth Allison Bain, III

Ernest Adrain Baines
Martha Anne Ballance

Martin M. Banks
Patrick Barham

Claude M. Batchelor, Jr.
Hilda Gray Beachum

Howard Marrien Beale, Jr.
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Joyce M. Beale

Wilma Love Beale
Mary Francis Butler

Annette Love Campbell
Andrew Jackson Bradshaw

Nan Braswell
Earnest Breakfield

Josephine Regina Brennan
Earl Clayton Brough

Ann Patricia Brown
Richard Dixon Bryan

Harry Buskey, Jr.
Jane Anne Collins

Zelma Leslie Conn
Dorothy Jean Campbell

Patricia Anne Campbell
Robert Campbell

Sallie Cecil
Pat Chambers

Lester Chenoweth
Ann Clark

Les Earle Coale
Nellie Emily Daughridge

William Hayes Daughtry
Fitzhugh Lee Corbitt, Jr.

Naomi Wingfield Craig (Walker)
Fenton Lee Culpepper

Nancy Virginia Cutchen
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Woodrow Wilson
 High School
Portsmouth, VA
Class Roster

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