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      'Well, here we are, waiting in line to march in to graduation exercises.  Seems only yesterday that we were entering Wilson as little 8B's.  Natnrally, our eighth 9rade passed so swiftly it was like a dream. When February came, we were proud of ourselves for we were Freshmen and ihe girls were finally wearing lipstick, naturdl, that is.  Everything went fine until May 6.  That morning we got up only to learn that "Dear Ole Wilson" had burned during the night.  After a week's vacation, it was decided that we would go to Barracks "A" in the Navy Yard.  

Those were the days:
     ten minutes between classes, Mrs. Clayton calling "attention all classrooms," the ship's bell that called us to classes, the big chow tables and benches that kept "accidentally" falling.  That first year our officers were President, Bill Savage, Vice-President, F. R. Andrews, Secretary, Bitsy White, Treasurer, Barbara Blackman, and Representative of the Student Council, Ruth Williams.  Mr. Landis was our advisor All in all, our first year in high school passed very smoothly, but all of us were glad to see summer come.

     September found us still in the Barracks.  Many of us were in extra curricular activivties in the school.  Some were in Hi-Y's and Tri-Hi-Y's, others were on the Student Staff and in the House of Representatives.  In February we were back in Wilson. The school looked entirely different to us with its varnished desks, clean floors and painted walls. We all loved it even though we had to eat lunch in Room 10, and there was no auditorium.  Our class officers were: President, Bill Savage, Vice-Presi­dent, Eleanor Storey, Secretary, Eileen O'Brien, Treasurer, Clifton Rutter, and Repre­ sentative to the Student Council, Ruth Williams.  That fall an unforgettable thing happened. Our football team, under Dick Esleek, drove through ten games unbeaten, untied, and almost unscored upon, to win the first State Title in twenty years.  By February we had a modern air-conditioned auditorium and a new cafeteria.  The annual staff and various clubs found many of our classmates among their numbei-s. Also, many of the boys and girls were active in athletics.  Our baseball team did very well that year, too, winning the State Championship.

     But the fall term was the one that was to count.  We were big Seniors.  We all felt pretty good about it, but this didn't mean that we slowed down in our activities. The Junior-Senior Prom that year was a great event in most of our lives. The decorating committee worked two days transforming the gym into a yellow and white daisy field.  And we can never forget our Baby Day.  The girls with their bonnets, sashes, and dolls: the boys with their short pants and caps.  As we look back on our high school days, we can't help but feel that they were four wonderful years.
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