President - Brooks Parker
Vice-President - Ben Andrews
Girls' Treasurer - Mildred Lassiter
Boys' Treasurer - David Wade
Secretary - Carl Cowan
Advisor - Miss Clotilde Rodes
Benjamin Elliot Andrews

C. A. Ballentine, Jr.
Margaret Lucille Baucom

Dorothy Virginia Beale
Marilyn Esther Blow

J. Roland Blow, Jr.
Lawrence Fentn Boone

Robert Clarence Bunch
Otis Ellsworth Butler, Jr.

Allen Byum, Jr.
Marguerite Laven Byrd

Audrey Marion Childress
Curtis A. Clayton

Virginia Cobb
Joseph Carl Cowan, Jr.

Gladys Mercer Doleman
Dorothy Lee Early

James Powell Early
Mildred Lee Ellenor

Milton Joseph Fivel

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Woodrow Wilson
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