Leslie R. Abbott, Jr.

Stanley Jerome Bangel
Alfred Barnes

William Eugene Bland
George Arnold Brown

Fitzhugh Lee Buchanan, Jr.
John Talton Clayton, Jr.

Columbus Sylvannus Costner Jr.
Julian Wesley Craps

Alvin James Creech
Grandy Curtis

Douglas Corbell Eley
C. D. Elliott

Irvin Maxwell Eskin
George Henry Gray

Alvah Grimes
Leonard Irvin Friedman

J. Carlton George
William C. Gumm, Jr.

Vernon Elwood Halstead
Gordon Wayne Hiers

Sanford Jules Holzweig
Willim M. Hopkins

Phillips C. Journee
William Robert Kidd, Jr.

Robert Carter Kluge
Cecil J. Kay, Jr.

Jams Neill Kennon
Grayson Blackwell Lassiter

Thomas B. Lawrence
Sanford Leonard Lefcoe

Henry Clay Moore
M. Harris Nelson, Jr.

Milton Overton
James N. Psimas

Wilson Edward Ringler
Slade W. Phillips, Jr.

Robert William Poe, Jr.
Joseph L. Ripley

Arthur Sterling Rollins, Jr.
Raymond Rudy

Malven E. Schmoll
John Thomas Sprouse

Vernon H. Stallings
Edward Thompson

Benton Van Dyke
Hartwell Townes Sweeney

James Hward Sword
Irvin Ray Vaughan

Howard West
Robert Alvin Whitehorne

Hubert Daniel Whitehurst
Shirley Bradshaw Whitfield

Joseph Wisniewski, Jr.
Other 1942 Alumni NOT Pictured:
Charles Adams

Jacqueline Chiquita Akers

Hazel Scott
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Peggy Welch

James Newton
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