Mildred Louise Fivel

Edna Mae FLowers
Sarah Blanche Frier

Doroth E. Geffcken
Esten Gibbs

Phyllis Winona Gibson
Eva Marie Gillie

Sherwood Mae Gold
Addie Neville Grubbs

Doris Frazier Harris
Rachael Rebbecca Harrison

Lillian Hawley
Mary Chloe Hayes

Doris Evelyn Holland
Nancy Jane Howard

Ethe Cecelia Howell
Bettie Pearl Hopkins

Lorriane Howard
Pauline Ellen Hunt

Grae C. Jean
Clarice Jett

Virginia Kane
Dorothy Jean Ketchum

Margaret Langley Kirby
Caroline Virginia Manning

Janice Ann Michaels
Miriam Elizabeth Lane

Mavis Garon Liles
Dorothy Mae Moore

Shirey Jean Mounie
Esther Ruth Murden

Kathie Myrick
Evelyn Onida Oliver

Jean Catherine Owens
Myrtle Virginia Pate

Mary Peek
Aileen Marie Parker

Kate Louise Parker
Shirley Mae Neathery

Muriel Newell
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