President - Do you know who??
Vice-President - Do you know who??
Girls' Treasurer -  Do you know who??
Boys' Treasurer - Do you know who??
Secretary - Do you know who??
Margaret Atkinson

Louise  Aynes

Virginia Baker
C.O. Barclay

Harvey Barnes
John Coppage

Ardayre Council 

Henry Cox
George Benzie

Warren BeVille

Zalmon Blackman
  Elwood Boyce

Jack C. Boyd

Roy Boyland
Lunette Bragg

  Staley Brinkley

Harry  Brownley
Agnes E. Brusso

James Burden

Phyllis Burns
Lola Coffin

F. E. Collins

Frances Copeland
Willard Craft

Margaret Crawford

Sue Cross
Thomas D. Crumpler

Edwin Culpepper

Audrey Cushman
Vivian Daniels

Ashton Davis

Frank DeBerry
Charles Deloatche

  Inez Dennis 
(Barrick )

E. Devall  Downing
Edward Dunn

Lillian Edwards

Roy Ben Farrell
Cora  Mae Fitzgerald

Doris Fivecoat

Eunice Floyd
Melvin Forman

Gretchen Fosky

Irvin Galin
Louis Ginsburg

Frank Glynn

Julia Godfrey 
Alice Grantham 

Mary Gray 

Hanna  Mae Hines
Curry Hall

Ethel  Mae Harper

W.  F. Harrell
  Frances Hathaway

James Hathaway

Frances Hayine
Sam Herbener

Charles Hodges

Margaret Hooper
Jean Grace

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1934½ - 1935

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