President - Peebles Vincent
Vice-President - Margaret Blanchard
Girls' Treasurer -  Elise Barnes
Boys' Treasurer - Herbert Larkin
Secretary - Eva Mae Ross
Rosa Lee Adams

Edward Carlton Allen, Jr.
Ernest Linwood Bayton

Mary Lucretia Belote
James Lee Ames

Basil Anargyros
Goldie Benton

Margaret Rawls Blachard
Mary Frances Anderson

Ollie Thomas Ayers, Jr.
Alice Elise Barnes

Benny Barsel
Charlotte Augusta Branch

Margaret Gertrude Bridgers
Katherene Mae Bond

Myrtle Lorraine Bowden
Helen Sholes Britt

Lisle Carter Browne
Samuel Edward Buxton

Virginia Bessie Bynum
Dorothy Estelle Brownley

Lois Elizabeth Bush
Dorothy Virginia Calvert

Tony Caprio
Margaret Olive Carvill

Mary Caroline Chapman
Stephen B. Carney

Alfonso S. Carpenito
Elizabeth Jane Charlton

Virginia Faison Clute
Estelle Conner

Thaddeus G. Crapster, Jr.
Irvin Cohen

Ernest Thomas Coin
Marian Helen Allison

David Neill Allsbrook, Jr.
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Woodrow Wilson
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