Our Alma Mater, as from you we now will have to part,
We'll always pledge to you the reverence of each loyal heart.
Though through these sacred halls and rooms we never more will roam,
We'll always hold your image as the dearest part of home.

Oft' in our mem 'ries thy fair scenes we'll see as one bright view,
And in our dreams return again, dear Wilson High, to you.
Though we'd search through all the country here and in some others, too,
We'd never find a place like this, or such a school as you.

Though school is over and our many paths will have to part,
We'll always keep your mem 'ry in the depths of every heart.
We'll carry always all the ideals which for us you have set,
And through the years we'll always love and we'll never forget.

Herselle Jackson
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     HERKENETH ye people! Lende me ye ears! To ye nouthe I set forthe ye events of importance concerning ye class of 1931 of ye Woodrow Wilson High School.  Tyme holdes ye tales of foure yeares of toil and struggles, and of ye finis~victorie.  We nouthe imparte these tales to ye.  Four yeares in the paste we as youthful clerks intered ye halls of ye tyme honored omain.  Suitable to ye lower clerks we were subject to trials and tests of initiations.  Ye first yeare knoun as ye Freshman yeare aroused ye school spirit and interest.  Ye Sophomore yeare lightened ye hearts of ye clerks by ye knowledge of their past attendance.  Greatly did ye class enter ye activities of ye domain of learning.  With ye advent of ye Junior yeare ye plunder of ofibaes was a worthie reward.  Ye --'Junior-Senior" presented by ye class will be an ever-lasting memory of ye braine.  Inne all ye contests and trials was ye class of '31 famous.  The laste yeare, the laste but greatest, the Senior ye are, furnished tales of prowess suitable to ye tales of Robin Hood's men. As archers of sporte, and hunters of fame ye clerks surmounted all obstacles, finally reaching ye castle of success and goode fortune.  To our chief bowman, Miss Galphin, and ye leaders we attribute our triumph.  Ye domain of learning shalT be dear to us and ye historie of ye class deeds shall be the inspirer of our demands for newe plunder.

     Farewell! Ye pen falters--ye page is turned.  Ye manuscript awaits ye tales of newe fortune.
Virginia Wildey '31.
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1931 Class History

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