Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
2013 Memories
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The Class Roster and pictures are as represented in the Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia yearbook or annual of the year indicated on the page.  The Roster may not be complete and pictures and names may have been removed by request of the person involved. Also, it does not officially indicate the year of graduation and/or that the party in question graduated.  If you are not represented in your class, you will be added to the last page of the year and you may submit a photo to be added.  All information on these pages came from the yearbook represented and alumni who have passed on information and may NOT be accurate.      
John “Eddie” Lee ’68.

Devin Carney
Josiah Carney
Julia Carmly
Miracle Christian
Zahneka Monee Colbert
Taylor Collier
Joseph Lee Comes
Dashaneik Copeland
Diamondya Copeland
Jasmine Copeland
Taylor Copeland
Alexis Cox
Laquan Crocker
Kathryn Elizabeth Cummings
Mariah Alexis David
Laurnyn DeJesus
Derrick Deena
Chirly Diaz Ponce
Ivin Daz Ponce
Raven Dillard
Lindsey Eddington
Amincia Edwards
Keshara Eley
Derwan Elliott
Raymond Edward Ellis, II
Bria Evans
Giovanna Evans
Kalisha Everett
Kiara Etheridge
Corey Camey