Everlina Allen

Sheryl A. Allen

Charles William Baker

Kimberly Dawn Benson

Troy Benson

Linda Faye Black
Lisa Black

Linda Marie Black

Robin Michelle Blount
Terri Bonds

Cynthia J. Bratcher

Mark Allen Brown
Chicago, IL
Robert W. Brown II

Roy Weston Brown

Debvonna Bullock
James C. Cannady Jr.

Patricia Annette Cannady

Marvin Van Chandler
Vernita Tonnette Bazemore

Cassandra Denise Beamon

Michelle Charlene Bennett
Candice Dawn Burgess

Venezia Loleta Burney
Portsmouth, VA

John Calloway III
Penny Chappell

Kimblyn G. Clanton

Richard Lee Cleveland
Harry Cole

Iris Rosemary Collins

Michael Eugene Copeland
Brian Kevin Creech

Darin Thomas Darden

Donna Jean Darden

Jacqueline Denise Davis

Jeannie Sue Dean

Jacqueline Dickens
Barbara Frances Dodge

Pamela Lynne Dutton
Gina Lavernon Eaton

James Anthony Edwards
Don Wayne Elliott

Jeffery Graig Elliott
Regina Loretta Elner
Tucker, GA

Joyce A Everette
Natasha Farrow

Beckey Ferguson
Earlene Lavell Fortson

Mona Lisa Freeman

Clinton Aaron Grainey
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
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Woodrow Wilson
High School
Portsmouth, VA
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"Aren't we lookin' fine?"
Left: The seniors show "  overex-tended enthusiasm "   during  a pep rally.
Above: Barbara is not enthused about counting all the money.
" May I please have your atten-tion? "
Darin Darden looks as if he's real busy.
Christian Andrew Garner

Joseph Gardner

Jeanette Elizabeth Goddard